Monday, October 02, 2006

Thank goodness it is over

Congress is no longer is session. This is the shortest Congressional session in recent history. It is over...

One of the last things they did needs some discussion...

They passed a Port Security Bill. This in itself is something I expected them to do. I have not read it; however, I imagine it will not be too damaging to my country...

They tried to add several billion dollars of unrelated mass transit spending and subsidies to the bill at the last minute; this was luckily defeated. Many Democrats and some Republicans were responsible for this attempt to add a bunch of wasteful spending to an unrelated bill...

Unfortunately, they DID add a section that will even further restrict online gambling... This was done by The Republicans; however, The Democrats caved in very quickly.

What does Online Gambling have to do with Port Security you ask?


I absolutely hate it when our politicians do things like this. Each bill should stand on its own merits and should cover ONE TOPIC.

Both Party's have used the tactic of putting unrelated items into bills in the dead of night; however, The Republicans seem to be doing it even more often then The Democrats did...

One other thing worth noting; there was a portion of this Port Security Bill that would require background checks on the criminal backgrounds of dock workers. It was meant to keep convicted felons from handling goods in our ports. The reasoning was that if we want to make Port Security a priority we need to keep convicted criminals from being the ones handling the goods.

The unions threw a fit. So the Democrats threw a fit. So The Republicans joined the Democrats and immediately caved in... This provision was stripped from the bill... This is SHAMEFUL.

I remember back when John Kerry and The Democrats were trying to make Port Security a BIG DEAL in the 2004 Presidential Election. Now that we finally have a Bill to address this issue they decide to remove an important portion of it because they do not want to upset Unions. What a joke.

Neither Party should be proud of this Bill...

I strongly suggest that you vote against all incumbents in the upcoming elections. We need some new blood in Congress and we need it badly.

Mike Sylvester


Tim Zank said...

The only trouble with that approach Mike, is that this time, you get rid of a worthless incumbent only to replace him with a more dangerous and worthless legislator. (i.e. a democrat) Until some coherent 3rd party people make the big time, I still want the lesser of two evils, as will most voters this time around.

I know it's an uphill battle for you Libertarians, because your party has a little "baggage" as well. What we need is a "common sense" party, as that is what is lacking today on all sides.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


How do you know Hayhurst is "more dangerous" and "worthless?"


Tim Zank said...

Mike, I don't KNOW that. I have a hunch Hayhurst may have started out with his heart in the right place, but he sounds just like all the other political aspirants who cannot answer a question or project a real plan. I cite his website promises under JOBS & ECONOMY to wit:

When I am in the U.S. Congress, I will:

• Work tirelessly for the people of the 3rd District to create and keep good jobs throughout northeast Indiana .

• Foster an environment in which innovation and initiative can thrive and companies can grow.

• Nurture a strong economy, an attractive quality of life and our ability to compete around the world.

• Advance a policy of “fair trade, not just free trade” in all international trade agreements, leveling the playing field and defending American workers and their jobs while protecting the natural environment and workers in our partner countries.

• Support sound, fiscally-prudent decision making.

• Leverage resources to get the most out of every taxpayer dollar.

• Promote lifelong learning and educational excellence to ensure the stability of our country and a future full of opportunities for our children and grandchildren.

I'm running for Congress because I am committed to making America work for working families. Together, we can transform our hard work, hope and hometown values into a fresh start for the 3rd District and greater prosperity for all our citizens.

Forgive me, but not one of these is an idea or a plan, it's all "Foster/Nurture/Advance/Support/Leverage and Promote.....he's learned quickly how to fill a page and say absolutely nothing.

If I've got give up the only pipepeline to Washington I have (pathetic as it may be)I'd like a better choice than Hayhurst I guess.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


I do understand your point partner. I have been VERY disappointed in the Hayhurst Campaign...

I just feel that I cannot vote for Souder. He has renegged on his term limit and no one in their right mind thinks he is for smaller government...

He has to be term limited by the voters...

Mike Sylvester

Mike Kole said...

Congressional rookies rarely have any real power beyond their one vote. They aren't immediately appointed to committees. Entrenched incumbents are on the committees and head them up.

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