Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Who I am voting for November 7th and why, part 5

The post of Allen County Sheriff is an important one. I think that Fort Wayne is extremely fortunate to have THREE very qualified candidates for the office.

I have given this race a lot of thought. The campaign has been vigorous and the candidates have some real differences in their outlook on the position of sheriff.

This is the only race that I feel that local Libertarians are split on. I know at least one Libertarian that is going to vote for each candidate, I know three Libertarians who have not decided yet, and I know 4 Libertarians that are voting for Taviano. There are also a large number of local Libertarians that I have not discussed this race with.

I do not think the position of sheriff should be a partisan race at all. It is absurd to think that a Democratic sheriff or a Republican sheriff or a Libertarian sheriff would be different in their methods.

There are three candidates:
Ken Fries is the Republican candidate. He strikes me as being a "policeman's policeman." His experience with the SWAT team is particularly impressive.

PJ Smith is the Independent candidate. He had to gather signatures and is not raising money. He strikes me as a City policeman.

Tina Taviano is the Democratic candidate. She holds a masters degree and has performed several different jobs in the sheriff's department.

I have decided to vote for Taviano for sheriff.

I was impressed with Tina when I had lunch with her and she strikes me as being fairly Libertarian. She wants to improve efficiency and she has some ideas that will increase service while not increasing costs.

Mike Sylvester

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