Thursday, October 19, 2006

The funniest post I have read in a lcouple of weeks

Angry White Boy (AWB) over at "" has a hilarious post that wonders if I am an operative of The Allen County Democratic Party.

It is WELL WORTH your time.

Note: AWB recently had a kidney stone and may be on some rather strong medine.
Second note: AWB is a really, really partisan Republican. He can see no evil in his Party. He is far closer to The Libertarian party then he is The Republican Party! He will figure it out one day... I will help him!

Andrew Kaduk is going to truly enjoy this!

Please go and read this post, it is truly funny...

I especially like the part involving his comments about the fact that I am voting for a Democrat for sheriff. If you read my posts you will realize that I have posted how I am going to vote in five upcoming races so far:

In one I will be voting Libertarian
In three I am voting Democrat (No Libertarians in these races)
In one I am voting Republican (No Libertarian in this race)

Hmmm... What could I be thinking? I wonder if he has considered that I tend to vote for the best candidate regardless of Party?

No, he would never consider that...

Does anyone else remember back to when John Good and Robert Rouse accused me of being a Republican operative?

Please go and read this post from AWB. It is AWESOME.


Mike Sylvester

P.S. I cannot wait to hear what Jeff Pruitt and John Good and Craig think of this! Andrew Kaduk's thoughts should be priceless...

P.S.S. AWB if I ever get hurt and need some pain medication can you please let me know what you are taking? It must be some good stuff.


John Good said...

Mike - While we sometimes disagree, very strongly at times, you are right about one thing:

You DO take the time to look at all of the angles and determine which choice is the best fit for YOU. Not me, not party, but what YOU beleive in. I salute you for that. I have lashed out at you a couple times in a moment of passion, for lack of a better term.
And we move on. . .

Turkette is beyond partisan. In fact, HE may be the secret ingredient in the Rove Kool-Aid, errr I mean FLAVOR-AID (Thank you, Robert Enders) that they've all been drinking! lol

I mean, COME ON. . anybody in this day and age who can still defend Bush or Souder has something malfunctioning somewhere upstairs. Either that, or a genuine disregard for the rights of anyone who is different than them.

The latter thought may be more correct in this instance.

So, in short errr long, carry on, Mike. If we disagree, I'll argue my point or I'll ignore it and respect your right to your own view. I will never post a personal attack against you, or mine your blog for items that I can make fun of to amuse myself and my little clique. Someone already has that job. . .

Jeff Pruitt said...


Tensions tend to run high this close to an election. Typically, if someone is angry and they don't have have an immediate counterpoint to your argument then they will point fingers and use similar tactics.

I applaud you for voting your conscience and taking the time to inform us all why you chose to do so. I agree w/ you on many issues, and I value your opinion such that when we disagree I take some extra time to consider your thoughts.

Keep up the good work...

Craig said...

Nutmeg is a heckuva drug

Robert Enders said...

There are many issues at stake in this campaign, and often there are only two sides to an issue. In three-way politics, there are going to be issues that two out of three parties agree on.

I think what Turkette said was mean and probably hurt his cause of choice more than it helped it. I'd accused him of working for Kevin Knuth, but I do not think that Mr. Knuth would have him as an employee.

Andrew Kaduk said...


Having met you, and having discussed politics with you, I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are truly about the farthest thing from a "Democrat Operative." Your statement about the EIC, and how it is "Republican Welfare" shows that you are truly more fiscally conservative than 90% of the people who claim to be Republicans.

Here's the thing that the party-liners from both of the major brand names seem to consistently miss: There is no such thing as a consitently correct position to hold with respect to politics. What is correct one day, may be dead nuts wrong the next...and unless a person is willing to lose the partisan lenses in their eyeglasses, they will eventually end up being full of shit on one topic or another. I am not advocating waffling...far from it. What I am saying is that nobody is right 100% of the time, save perhaps in their own convoluted imagination.

Mark Souder is a political hack. There is no question about it...even in the most heavily convoluted of GOP imaginations. He has lied, made bad situations worse, spent money like a drunken sailor on shore leave (except when the expenditures deviated from the course set forth by his MASSIVE EGO which he thinks to be some sort of righteous moral compass), and created an atmosphere in the local political scene which is, by all rights, almost unbearable. Leveling personal attacks against Dr. Hayhurst, even as Hayhurst runs a clean, honest campaign (albeit vague and kinda feeble) is unacceptable, and frankly is very telling of exactly the kind of man Souder is. Mark Souder seems to think that we need HIM to help slap our society into shape in the eyes of God...and quite truthfully I'm offended by the raw pretentiousness of that sentiment.

This all kinda reminds me of a monologue I heard that idiot Sean Hannity doing a couple of weeks ago. I have no way to recall the quote exactly, but basically, Hannity suggested that voting RINO was better than voting Democrat. This is exactly the mentality I'm seeing in play here. It has to be the stupidest, most ridiculous, derailed train of thought out there right now! For fscks sake, RINOs ARE NOT GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY. These men and women are no better than Democrats in any way, shape or form. To the contrary, at least the Democrats are forthcoming with respect to their agenda. Their cards are all on the table...we know they want to socialize medicine, we know they want to inflate the size of government...we know they want to melt down mountains of's OK, that's their platform. Then, these idiot RINOs step in, claiming to be Republicans, and then not only advocate things like massive spending and ever-inflating government, as well as extending the long arms of the government to reach into all of our homes, into each of our lives.....jesus, this is the kind of shit Republicans are supposed to OPPOSE...

Sorry, I'll take an transparent jackass over a decietful power- monger any day.

John Good said...

Andrew - I'm pleasantly surprised. You just earned back a little of my respect.

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