Sunday, October 08, 2006

Big government Republicans growing government as fast as they can...

Please read this story from The Washington Post:


This article talks about the fact that the Republicans have added 2.5 million workers to the Federal payrolls, mostly contractors...

The next time you talk to ANY Republican, ask them to explain this to you...

Mike Sylvester


Tim Zank said...

I wouldn't exactly call this most recent "revelation" a big surprise.
On September 12, 2001 we told them to open the checkbook for whatever it took to keep us safe.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Tim Zank:

No we did not...

How is hiring contractors and massively expanding domestic programs that have nothing to do with Homeland Security keeping us safe?

Are you saying that "No Child Left Behind" is protecting me from terrorists?

Are you saying Prescription Drug coverage for seniors is keeping us safe?

I respect your opinion a lot and I think your points are very well thought out in general...

The last week or so it seems like you have been listening to Sean Hannity way too much...

Mike Sylvester

Robert Enders said...

Only 15% of the current military budget is being used in Iraq and Afghanistan. The rest is being spent on bases and bombers that Congress wants but the Pentagon doesn't, bases in Europe to protect West Germany from the Soviets, and defending countries that could easily defend themselves if they didn't have socialist economies.

This is all in a book call "Buck Wild" which is about how the GOP slowly became the new party of Big Government. I loaned my copy to Mike.

Tim Zank said...

Whoa Camel...back up the bus...I was citing the article you included in your post..

"This time, almost all of the growth can be attributed from the war on terrorism, which boosted Defense spending for both goods and services systems and covered the continued cost of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq," he wrote.

Granted, the programs you mention have nothing to do homeland security and are admittedly wasteful and spendrift in nature, but I just happened to agree with the article YOU cited that most of it can be attributed to post 911 protection.

Switch to decaf, maybe?

LP Mike Sylvester said...


I do not drink coffee; but, after re-reading the article I posted maybe I should drink less caffeine...

It does claim most of it is defense spending...

HOw is that possible?

2.5 million contractors for defense? It does not even make sense...

Mike Sylvester

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