Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Who I am voting for November 7th and why, part 1

I have had a number of readers ask me who I am voting for in the next election. I have decided to do a short series on the upcoming election and who I support.

The Libertarian Party of Allen County is NOT endorsing these candidates. The opinions expressed in this series are mine and mine alone...

I will start with the race for US Senate. There are two candidates in this race:

Richard Lugar, Republican. Mr. Luger was elected to the Senate in 1976. He has served as a
Senator for 30 years. I used to be a fairly big fan of Senator Lugar. I think Senator Lugar is
a good man. I think 30 years as a senator is too long. I think 30 years in Washington will
effect the judgement of anyone in a noticeable fashion. When I look at Senator Lugar's
voting record I see a moderate Republican. Unfortunately, Senator Lugar has joined the herd
of Republicans that embrace larger and larger government. I can no longer vote for Mr.

Steve Osborne, Libertarian. Mr. Osborne has run as a Democrat in the past and is a
Libertarian who leans toward the Democratic side. I have met Mr. Osborne and he struck
as being both knowledgeable and personable. Major points on which Mr. Osborne and Mr.
Lugar disagree:
The Iraq War. Mr. Osborne is in favor of an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.
Taxes. Mr. Osborne is in favor of lowering income taxes for both middle class and lower
class income taxes and he is in favor of not lowering taxes for the rich.
College costs. Mr. Osborne is in favor of increasing pell grants and he is in favor of tax
incentives to help families pay for college.
Government Regulations. Mr. Osborne thinks we have too many...
You can read for your self Mr. Osbornes views:

I support Mr. Osborne for this race and I will definately be voting for Mr. Osborne...

Mike Sylvester


Jeff Pruitt said...


I agree w/ Mr Osborne on over 90% of the listed items. Robert asked me who I was voting for in this race and I said I was undecided. Well not any longer, this Democrat will proudly cast his vote Steve Osborne. The Democratic (and Libertarian) party would be wise to recruit more candidates like Mr Osborne. The Democratic party should also throw some support his way seeing how they failed to run a candidate (the only seat in the country this happened).

LP Mike Sylvester said...


When I read through his answers I actually did think of both youand John Good...

I have to think you are both far closer to Mr. Osborne then to Mr. Lugar...

Mike Sylvester

Brad said...

Thank you for

Brad said...

...posting about the Libertarian candidate in this race. I will be throwing my vote his way. Senator Luger's voting record is really appalling if you look at it. I have written him several times on issues such as net neutrality and his responses have been minimal at best.

I find it sickening how most websites just hand the race to Luger and say he is "unchallenged", as if a third party has no place in American politics.

It's high time that damned attitude change! If people want real change in Washington, we're going to have to start voting from the gut and rising up around some of these third party candidates like they did in Britain last election cycle.

They were upset with Labor, but they didn't want to express their frustrations by voting for the far worse Tories, so they gave a lot of seats to Lib Dems, who were theretofore outsiders. That's precisely what this country needs...a political facelift. Libertarians are just as good as any in my book.

Throw Luger out!

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