Saturday, October 28, 2006

Help Rex Bell

Rex Bell is a strong Libertarian candidate running for Indiana House District 54. I have met Rex Bell and I he is a Hoosier that I have a great deal of respect for.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana hired a National polling firm to analyze the race:

Rex Bell is beating the Democratic candidate in this poll and is only 2 points behind the Republican incumbent.

Rex Bell is a very down to earth candidate who truly believes in a smaller government.

I encourage EVERY reader of this blog to learn more about this race and to support Rex Bell. You can learn more about this race at:

Rex's blog (Tells you what he stands for):

Rex's campaign blog (Platform, etc):

Hammer of Truth Thread with more information about Rex Bell:

And most importantly, here is a secure online donation site that will allow you to support a great candidate who will do everything he can to decrease the size and intrusiveness of Indiana government:

I went online today and donated $100 to help elect Rex Bell. I hope you do the same.

We need to elect people who actually want to DECREASE the size of Indiana Government.

Mike Sylvester

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