Friday, October 20, 2006

Hayhurst vs Souder, National polling

I got a call last night from a national firm that was conducting a poll on the Hayhurst vs Souder campaign.

I was surprised. I never seem to get these calls.

The company was "Call Research."

This poll actually helps illustrate why NO ONE should trust polling data.

One of the first questions was the "Is America on the right track or wrong track question." I of course answered that is was strongly on the wrong track. Democrats will take this answer to mean I am a Democrat. I am not. I think we are on the wrong track as long as our elected officials want to expand the size and reach of Government.

I was asked who I voted for in 2004 for President. I was told my choices were Kerry or Bush. I told her I did not vote either of those two, I voted Libertarian.

Then we talked about my opinion of Hayhurst and Souder:
I told her I strongly disagreed with BOTH Souder and Hayhurst.

Then I was asked who I would vote for and I told her Hayhurst...

I have NO DOUBT that this poll was constructed by Democrats, I believe this based on the way the questions were asked.

I think this means it is likely that a large Democratic organization is trying to collect data to see if it is worth backing Hayhurst.

I irritates me that these firms NEVER include third parties. They act like people only have two choices, luckily we have more then two choices.

Mike Sylvester


Robert Enders said...

When they deliberately load the questions to encourage you to choose one option over the other, it is propaganda, not polling. Polls such as that one are as grounded in science as the Book of Genesis.

Robert Enders said...

"And on the seventh day of Novemeber, He voted."

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Stan Matuska said...

Something tells me that after talking to you, they removed your number from their database =)

I know. I agree with you. I don't like the cold survey calls. I heard that if you lean in their direction, then someone will knock on your door on voting day to make sure you get out and vote. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Jeff Pruitt said...


I didn't see anything in Mike's post that would suggest this was a push-poll. You're really stretching it to suggest so. Please point to some specific statement or question that lead you to that conclusion...

Andrew Kaduk said...


Any political poll asking answers with only up or down answers as "acceptable" is a push poll, especially if answers may exist somewhere in the middle.

The way the Big Two have woven the political cloth in this country is spooky like that. Black on one side, white on the other, when in fact, most of us reside in the grey to varying levels. Not everyone who believes that the "modern Republican party" is ethically bankrupt believes any of the Democrats' horse shit either.

I am one of these. The idea of a "career politician" makes my skin crawl, so two different people can poll me using similar questions to the ones that Mike illustrated, and contrive two completely different sets of ASSUMPTIONS from my answers. The fact that they do not desire any elaboration, and have no way to include elaboration into their data is very telling of exactly how worthless most phone polls are.

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