Friday, October 13, 2006

Who I am voting for November 7th and why, part 3

The next race to discuss is Allen County Assessor.

Pat Love is the incumbent Democrat. Pat Love has been the Assessor for four years.
Stacey Lopshire is the Republican challenger. She resigned her job in the Assessor's office to run against Pat Love.

This is a very simple race for me. I have not looked at every race; however, Stacey Lopshire is going to get my vote; in fact, she may be the only Republican I vote for in a contested race this year...

Pat Love has not been able to pass the Certified Assessor's exam. She has tried several times and cannot pass it. It is an open book exam. I think that every County Assessor should be REQUIRED to pass the exam.

Republican Stacey Lopshire has my vote.

P.S. My wife often asks me for my opinion on who she should vote for if she does not know the candidates... My wife did not ask about this one; she knew she was going to vote against Pat Love due to the exam...


Robert Enders said...

County Assessor is one of those elected positions, (like sheriff, surveyor, or coroner) in which compentence matters more than party membership or ideology.

Tim Zank said...

How can you NOT pass an "open book "test? Is that possible?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

It is more then possible...

Do not quote me on this; I believe she has failed it four times... I am not sure of the number. It has been well documented in the newspapers...

I have to vote for Lopshire...

Mike Sylvester

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