Monday, October 16, 2006


I think my next post will be on the race for Allen County Sheriff...

This is the race that has been most difficult for me.

This is also the ONLY race that the local Libertarian Party seems fairly split on. I know Allen County Libertarians who will vote for each of the three candidates...

Who do you support?

Mike Sylvester

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John Good said...

Mike - You know what camp I'm in on this one. That being said, while I know it will be impossible for everyone who would like to attend the debate on Sunday evening to do so, I strongly encourage everyone to WATCH the debate on television.

I had no idea who I should support for Allen County Sheriff until I watched Tina Taviano speak. My decision was made immediately, and I have actively campaigned FOR her and WITH her.

If her knowledge, experience, and personal style do not impress you, vote for one of the other two. I am positive that once you experience her "in person", you will support her as I have.