Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Summary of who I am voting for so far

So far I have analyzed 7 races. I hope the rest of you are doing the same thing. Please do not vote a straight ticket. Please look at the candidates, their qualifications, and their time in elected office before you vote. Out of the seven races I have analyzed I will be voting for 1 Libertarian, 2 Republicans, and 4 Democrats so far.

In summary:

US Senate. I will be voting for Libertarian Steve Osborne. My main reason is that Lugar has been in office for 30 years and he is way too moderate for me.

3rd Congressional District. I will be voting for Democrat Tom Hayhurst. His Republican opponent Mark Souder is running the most negative campaign I have seen, he is violating his term limits pledge, and he is a big government Republican.

State Treasurer. I will be voting for Democrat Michael Griffin. I do not feel either candidate is qualified. I would like to see a CPA run for this post. I will vote for Michael Griffin because he seems slightly less under qualified then his opponent.

State Auditor. I will be voting for Republican Tim Berry. I do not feel either candidate is at all qualified for this position. I would like to see a CPA or a financial person who has experience in auditing... I will be voting for Tim Berry because his Democratic opponent is running a stealth campaign and no one knows anything about her.

Allen County Sheriff. This has by far been the toughest race for me. We have three very different and very qualified candidates. I will be voting for Democrat Tina Taviano since I like her management emphasis and education. I am impressed with PJ Smiths acknowledgement that the war on drugs has failed and I am impressed with Ken Fries and his SWAT experience. I think we will have a good sheriff no matter who wins.

Indiana Senate Seat 15. I will be voting for Democrat Michael Bynum. I think Michael Bynum has an impressive resume and his opponent Tom Wyss is the very definition of a big government Republican. He is rated as taxpayer unfriendly by Watchdog Indiana and loves passing silly laws like expanding the use of seat belts.

Allen County Assessor. I will be voting for Republican Stacy Lopshire. This was one of the easiest decision for me to make. The Democratic incumbent cannot pass an open book exam no matter how many times she has tried.

I will be finishing my research in the next few days.

Who are you voting for?

Mike Sylvester

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Anonymous said...

I really like your line of thinking. I see that you "vote against" as much as I do.

I have decided NOT to vote for Democrat Dennis Moore (in Kansas) due to his voting for the end of habeous corpus. Chuck Ahner (his opponent) is much worse though, but I don't think has a chance of winning. So it's mainly a symbolic gesture, but makes me feel better. No lib on the ticket, as usual.

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