Monday, October 30, 2006

Souder vs Hayhurst Debate

I am just getting around to posting my comments on the Wane TV debate between Hayhurst and Souder.

I think this debate was a tie.

I would guess that those who blindly follow Souder think he won and those who blindly follow Hayhurst think he won...

Stupid things Souder said:
Souder claimed he supported securing the border; yet, he has voted against it as recently as December of 2005.
Souder bragged about funding International aid programs which I am against.
Souder said we will "Back out of Iraq." That is new. What happened to "stay the course?"
Souder over and over is trying to run against Nancy Pelosi instead of Hayhurst.
He claimed that he held down spending and cut deficit in half. HE IS STUPID. He needs to look at the numbers again.
He brought in money for Citilink, once again, not a small government conservative...
He wasted money on earmarks and is proud of it.
He said that we will not raise payroll taxes nor will we cut benefits to Social Security. IMPOSSIBLE.
Bragged about prescription drug benefit program, the largest expansion of entitlement programs since LBJ.
Claimed to have driven down drug costs 40-70%. COMPLETELY WRONG.
He claimed that Hayhurst voted for NAFTA? Souder should learn what a City Councilman does!
Some mindless drivel about Israel...
Souder said he is in favor of Biometric tracking of illegals. Wow. What would that cost?
I hate Meth.

Smart things Souder said:
We subsidize Ethanol 50 - 60 cents per gallon.
We need to drill for oil in America and Democrats will not let us drill or build a refinery.
Hayhurst should know how a filibuster works if running for office

Smart things Hayhurst said:
Believes in market based solution for healthcare.
Bi-partisan 9/11 Commission gave administration a D.
Souder supports Bush 96% of the time, my wife does not support me 96% of the time.
He is against cut and run.
We need to change the DC culture.
We need Fair Trade not Free Trade.
Souder has done a poor job for 3rd Congressional District.
Mark Souder is not a conservative.
Mark Souder is making this Dems vs Reps...
Healthcare costs are rising at an alarming rate
Why aren't Christians mad about health care
I loved it when Hayhurst attacked Souder on abortion. Conservatives should get out of the abortion issue...
When I make a promise I will stick to it.
Secure Borders and Ports
Against Amnesty, Reagan did Amnesty.
Widen legal immigration
Change who you send to Washington

Stupid things Hayhurst said:
We should put more money into rail in Indiana. You have got to be kidding me.
He wants to use Fair Trade to protect the environment of Foreign countries.
He said that we will not raise payroll taxes nor will we cut benefits for Social Security. IMPOSSIBLE.
Do not Privatize social security.

Both men IGNORED and LIED about the most important issue facing America. They BOTH promised to NOT raise payroll taxes and to pay all promised benefits. This is impossible... In other words both men are saying let our kids handle our problems...

Mike Sylvester


Tim Zank said...

Mike, I would agree they both make some "stupid" statements. That being said, I'm curious about your last statement "This is impossible... In other words both men are saying let our kids handle our problems...".

I don't think we should let our kids handle our problems either, but I do think they can shoulder some of the future burdens to come.

Noble as it may sound, it's not necessarily our responsibility to hand them the world on a silver platter. New generations create and solve problems as they arise and age, just like we are doing right now.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


More of the same things I have been saying.

We are spending too much money today and making too many promises that we canot afford...

Mike Sylvester

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