Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What is the difference between a Republican and Democrat in Indiana?

It is getting harder and harder to see ANY DIFFERENCE between The Republican and Democratic Parties in the state of Indiana, at least as far as economic and fiscal issues.

This article from the JG is very interesting and tells a sad tale for the Republicans:


There has been a lot of talk about Indiana's circuit breaker law. Basically, it prevents Hoosiers from annually paying more then 2% of their homes assessed value in property taxes.

As far as I am concerned the circuit breaker is a good law; however, unlike The Republicans, I think the property tax limit is too high.

I think the circuit breaker law should limit annual property taxes to 1% of their total assessed value. In the past Indiana has raised the Sales tax just to lower property taxes. It has never worked, that tax revenue has always been spent on various spending schemes. Here is an idea; lets make the property tax circuit breaker 1% and lets transfer half of the revenues the State collects from Sales taxes to local government. The State could then stop subsidizing property taxes and the taxpayers would have a better idea of who is spending their money!

If you think this is a good idea there is only one Political Party in Indiana that agrees with you. The Libertarian Party of Indiana.

The Republicans have changed their tune; they now seem to think we NEED MORE TAXES so that local governments can take even more money from the taxpayers...

The Republican Party is a big government Party. I challenge ANYONE to dispute that. Please, tell me where The Republicans have decreased the size of Government! Please...

Mike Sylvester


jeff said...

Why cap property taxes? Just get rid of them.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I WOULD like to get rid of them eventually. I think they are a bad idea...

That being said, we have to do things in short, attainable steps...


Mike Kole said...

We could get rid of property taxes immediately, except that the current crop of elected officials, whether Republican or Democrat, are all completely addicted to spending.

This is an attempt to wind up with a zero-sum result: a shell game that swaps the source of revenue, without reducing it. In order to replace such a large amount of tax revenue, a 100% replacement from property taxes to, say, a hike in sales tax to 11 or 12%, would spawn it's own revolt. So, the cap is a mechanism to shift slowly from property taxes to sales taxes.

As soon as the public starts holding municipal and county officials accountable and unelecting them if they fail to cut budgets, you can see property taxes go away and sales taxes remain where they are. Th

Manfred said...

As long as both major parties remain dependant upon corporate contributions for reelection, and as long as third parties are disenfranchised from the system, nothing will change. We will continue to be a polarized, pork-barrel controlled society.
Only true election reform will allow for even the possibility of conversation about economic change. Of course, getting the Dems and Reps to discuss election reform may be like pulling teeth...


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