Sunday, September 23, 2007

Voters are Stupid

Welllll........Good things the Libertarians DON'T believe that....

However, if you believe what the Allen County Democrat Party says, don't forget to check your intelligence at the door at the next Kool Aid meeting....

With all the crap being said lately by the media whores and Kevin Knuth, et al, one would have absolutely no reason to believe YOU as the VOTER have one bit of intelligence.

HERE IS WHERE YOUR PARTIES HAVE FAILED YOU and EVEN ONE MORE REASON to get the hell away from the status quo of Allen County politics.

From TODAY'S Journal.... (oh ya, got my NAME WRONG...)

My first gripe:

"The Fort Wayne City Council took considerable heat for some controversial decisions this year. Yet with about six weeks until Election Day, the public furor over the issues seems to have quieted, and no organized public effort has been made to keep the fire burning."

What about the number of open meetings the ILBA has had we here candidates for City Council and Mayoral races have spoken to it's membership and the public. What about the CAMPAIGNING the Libertarian Party has been doing? No Organized efforts?? DUH..... There are plenty of other examples.


"In fact, many local political officials believe the council races will come down to name recognition, meeting residents and getting streets paved instead of a stance on the two hot-button issues. Kevin Knuth, Allen County Democratic chairman, said the uproar over the two issues has waned and they are unlikely to drive voters to the polls. “They will both have zero impact on the fall election,” he said.

Do YOU believe you are THAT STUPID as a VOTER?? Do YOU think YOU have the memory of a Jack Ass or an Elephant?"


"Steve Shine, Allen County Republican chairman, said the issues seized the moment at the time of their approval, but that time has passed. He said those issues will likely cause some people to vote one way or another because of their high notoriety, but he said they are not likely to change any election results. “Fort Wayne voters are intelligent enough and broad-minded enough to not make this a one-issue campaign,” he said. “There are things all of us do sometimes that do not go to our immediate core supporters. That comes with leadership.”"

There is definitely more than one issue to take the current City Council to task over, let alone the other two political parties.

Do you remember eminent domain?

Do you remember property taxes?

Do you remember the smoking ban?

Do you remember Harrison Square?

Do you remember (insert how many more issues here.. just start searching our blog)


"Andy Downs, director of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, said voters in Allen County typically don’t hold grudges for past decisions. He said a few people might see the election as one last chance to strike against Harrison Square or the smoking ban, but, “I don’t think it will be a large number.” What will really determine whether a councilman is re-elected is how responsive that person was to constituent concerns, including how well the streets were plowed in a neighborhood, or how quickly potholes were fixed, Downs said. Further, many of the people upset about the smoking issue – bar owners, employees and patrons – don’t have the best track record for voting, he said."

WHAT??? They HONESTLY BELIEVE YOU ARE THAT STUPID that you only vote for how quick your potholes get fixed. "NAh.... no one cares about us taking their money OR THEIR RIGHTS......!?"


"Especially in the at-large races, Knuth said, candidates will have to spend a lot of money to ensure most voters simply know they are running at all. “The at-large race really comes down to name recognition,” he said. Either support of Harrison Square or support of the smoking ban could play a larger role in a district races, but only if a candidate tries to make it one, Knuth said. But the issues still won’t be the predominant reason anyone wins election, he said."

He SAID it... ISSUES Won't win and election. OH ya, that's right. You are STUPID.

Issues.. Who needs any stinking ISSUES...


"One group that hopes to capitalize on Harrison Square and the smoking ban is the Allen County Libertarians. Party Chairwoman Jennifer Griggs said all eight Libertarian council candidates oppose the smoking ban and they all plan to properly scrutinize the progress of Harrison Square, although she said it is too late for them to stop the development.

“Here are two glaring examples of where government has interfered with our lives,” she said.

Capitalize? It's the VOTER who can capitalize. That's all we are as Libertarians. Real people who want to protect our rights and of those around us. Since when is fighting for your rights and winning "capitalizing"?


"Because both Republicans and Democrats supported Harrison Square and the smoking ban, however, it will be more difficult to make them partisan issues, Downs said."

Exactly why there is such a blurry line between the other two parties. There isn't any definition to either other party's core values and both have shown that won't fight for our rights. Great gain to boast about.


""Knuth said he doesn’t think the Libertarians will be able to raise enough money to make a difference this election. “They’re not going to run serious campaigns,” he said."

Wow. Does doing the right thing by the voter require buying votes and showing off who has a bigger wallet? What's the definition of serious, folks? Granted, we won't be raising the most money. By no means, however, does it mean we aren't serious. Protecting our rights has never been more serious. We are out there every single day fighting this fight with blood, sweat and tears. What is the value of that? Libertarians are more dedicated than any other party or candidates to making a difference in this world.. not lining their pockets with your money.


"Fifer, who owns Peanuts and the Aboite Grill, said the bar association plans to meet in the next few weeks to decide what action to take.

“We’re not done, we haven’t died,” he said. “We’re just waiting for the right time.”"

Keep watch. We are all still out here.

Do YOU believe you are stupid enough NOT to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH??!!! How many times do you have to be kicked in the ass, money taken from your pockets, and been told you don't know enough to vote on the issues until you decide to stand up and say to these two parties they have failed you?


J Q Taxpayer said...

The reasons the Smoking Ban and Harrison Square are "dead issues" is because the media is making it so!

I am not sure why we even have a City Council. What a group of "rubber stampers!"

Greg McClain, The Most Dangerous Blogger said...

Bingo.....the local media maggots have allowed these issues to die because they are no longer emotional enough for their bs broadcast and news print.

The ACLP has never got the coverage they deserved by the main media and that is not right. That shows 'someone' has a control over them - its' that simple.

That is why people have to move away from the voting for the party routine and vote for the person.

I can assure you when I announce my endorsements at least two libertarian candidates get my support.

Good luck!

Local Pundit said...

Mr. McLame,

Trust me on this one; no one cares who you endorse.

Anonymous said...

I think the ACLP should call on Kevin Knuth for a retraction and public apology. Even assuming that you will have problems fundraising, I don't know how that equates to not running a serious campaign. It's insulting.

Robert Enders said...

Kevin Knuth doesn't need to apologize. Either we will do well or we won't. If we don't do well, then his prediction was correct. If we do well, he'll be more careful with his predictions.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...


Money has NOTHING to do with a serious campaign.
We are running to win. Period.

And the list of people who need to apologize is growing.

Anonymous said...

The two major parties will say or do whatever they can to make the voters think they are wasting their votes by giving them to Libertarian candidates. It shows that Shine and Knuth are worried about the possible effects of having a third party involved.

Jeff Pruitt said...

Nobody needs to apologize. The LP will not be taken seriosly until they show results - that doesn't necessarily mean a victory either.

Kevin said...

Hey everyone, let me clarify-

It takes MONEY to run a serious campaign.

Due to the size of council districts, it takes more than yard signs and door knocking to win a race.

You need to do direct mail and if you are running for Mayor or At-large, you should do some TV.

Unless you have a lot of name recognition, you need these tools to reach enough voters to make a difference.

Two more factors- Technology and volunteer base. The Libertarian Party simply does not have the technology that the Democrats or Republicans do at this point- provided to both of us by our State Party organizations.

The volunteers come from our long standing organizations and DECADES of work.

All of these things working together win elections.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Jeff, Robert

It's not me who is owed an apology, it's the voters.

Anonymous said...

""Knuth said he doesn’t think the Libertarians will be able to raise enough money to make a difference this election. “They’re not going to run serious campaigns,” he said."

Jennifer, please explain to me what is inaccurate about Knuth's quote. On this very website you have two candidates talking about how they are sharing "Vote for Bob" signs. Sorry Jennifer, sharing Vote for Bob signs does not make for a serious campaign.

Knuth speaks the truth.

Bobby G. said...

One thing we really should NOT do is confuse STUPIDITY with APATHY when it comes to ANY election.

(or should we?)

And as far as having MONEY for a campaign...well, sadly I agree that you DO need a crapload to get (and keep) voter attention, especially in today's ADD-ridden society.

I wish voters would stop counting the "silver spoons" in candidates mouths and vote the issues instead.

But that's my opinion.


(not even walking for any office, let alone running)

Anonymous said...


How do you know what it takes if you've never done it yourself?(run a serious campaign)

Anonymous said...


How do you know what it takes if you've never done it yourself?(run a serious campaign)

Anonymous said...

"On this very website you have two candidates talking about how they are sharing "Vote for Bob" signs. "

Wow, these libs are very smart

Gloria said...

If people are angry enough, and are not happy with the "Republicrats" they will endorse a third party candidate.

People need to realize if they aren't happy with the way things are, they need to change the way they vote. I think Bush is ruining this country, so I did not vote for him. Too many people choose the evil they know, versus the evil they don't.

And to those who voted for Bush, thank you for furthering the demise of our rights, our jobs and our quality of life. At least I voted for change.

And when the Gestapo comes for you, feel confident that you agreed to keep them in power. Because they are coming.

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