Thursday, September 27, 2007

2008 Presidential Candidates Positions

I was listening to the Pat White Show today and Pat mentioned a website that allows you to take a short political quiz and it tells you how you match with the candidates.

Please try it out:

Unsurprisingly I was not particularly close to any candidate.

The four candidates I scored closes to were:
Ron Paul, 66.07% (R)
Duncan Hunter, 62.5% (R)
Tom Tancredo, 62.5% (R)
Fred Thompson, 59.82% (R)

A number of candidates were middle of the road for me including the current front runners:
Rudi Giuliani, 46.43% (R)
Hillary Clinton, 37.5% (D)

The bottom four candidates were:
Mike Huckabee, 33.04%, (R)
Bill Richardson, 33.04%, (D)
John Edwards, 31.25%, (D)
Barack Obama, 27.68%, (D)

Please take the quiz and post your results!

Mike Sylvester


Robert said...

Fred Thompson 94.4%

He has been my choice. Romney and Tancredo are close but Mitt has changed his positions to attract conservatives and Tancredo is a one-trick pony.

I am proud to say that all Democrats made the bottom of my list except Ron Paul but I believe that his stance on the war is inconsistent with his libertarian leanings.

At th bottom ...the loonies, Edwards, Gravel and Kucinich.

Anonymous said...


Ron Paul's antiwar stance is very libertarian. Traditional libertarians are against the use of force to get things done unless it is absolutely necessary.

But for my results...

Although I was slightly surprised, overall I got the results I thought I would. Here are my top candidates.

Dennis Kucinich- 77.08%
Mike Gravel- 73.96%
Ron Paul- 68.75%
Joe Biden- 63.54%

I do not consider these candidates "loonies" like Robert describes. They simply have ideas that mainstream American might not be totally comfortable with.

Andrew Kaduk said...

That's bizarre. I had a 70% match on John Cox. Never heard of him.

Ok, I suck, I need to research my candidates more.

Andrew Kaduk said...

Nevermind, 2nd time through I hit a 74% Giuliani. That's more like it. I guess it actually matters if you have ALL of the radio buttons "clicked."

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