Friday, September 21, 2007

More Tim Pape information

John B. Kalb
3720 Mulberry Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802

City of Fort Wayne law office:

Subject: Question as to Timothy M. Pape, elected and sitting City Council member, in regard to a conflict of interest as spelled out in IC 36-44-1-3

City Attorney(s):

As a citizen of Fort Wayne, I request that you ask the Indiana State Board of Accounts and the Indiana State Ethics Commission if an apparent conflict in Mr. Papes votes, past and future, on items presented to council from our Redevelopment Commission exists. My reason for asking for this is due to the following facts:
1) Mr. Pape is a partner in Carson Boxberger LLP and as such, shares in any
profits of this partnership
2) Mr. John Wernet is also a partner in this same group and his activities on the
Redevelopment Commission are billed to the City of Fort Wayne.
3) This commission is the controlling group in the redevelopment project known as Harrison
Square. Per public information, Carson Boxberger has billed over $66, 268 to the city for
Mr. Wernets work on this project.
4) I do not believe that Mr. Pape has ever excused himself from votes on this project or has
he filed a “Uniform Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement”, form 236 per requirements
of the IC 36-44-1-3 law.
5) I ask that, until Mr. Pape files and receives approval on a form 236 application, that he be
prohibited from discussing on council or voting on any item presented to council from the
Redevelopment Commission.

Signed John B. Kalb


J Q Taxpayer said...


I received an email on Thursday asking the same question.

I advised the person to contact the Indiana State Bar Association and to ask them.

I had an email from the guy last evening stating the person had contacted them by email.

So I guess it is just not us bloggers that want some answers.

How strange of the public to want to know what is going on and we want things done right! How dare we???

Anonymous said...

Tim Pape has no interest in the local/national economy as he drives his VW with license plates from a different state ,sends his kids to a private school instead of the public schools (in his area) he represents as a council member. He is arrogant jerk that most likely got beat up daily while he was in school.

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