Saturday, September 22, 2007

Karen Goldner Impresses

My doorbell rang earlier today and guess who was out walking my neighborhood?

Karen Goldner, Democratic candidate for the 2nd City Council District (My City Council District).

It is the first time in my 40 years that a candidate has rang my doorbell and asked for my vote.

I am quite impressed!

Mike Sylvester


Fr. Fozy Bear said...

Since I sit on the district line between two and three I can actually say that i am impressed with how well Ms. Goldner presents her self and freely admit that between Her and Jonathan Bartels it will be a very hard fought election cycle.

Karen Goldner said...

It was nice to see you, Mike. Beautiful neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Karen is indeed running a very impressive campaign. When I decide to run at some point I will be contacting her for pointers.

Bobby G. said...

Can't say I've seen ANY candidates from ANY party canvassing MY neighborhood...

Then again, maybe FWPD's SWAT has better things to do with their APC down in the badlands.



Anonymous said...

Karen personally delivered our yard sign. She is very personable and knowledgeable and truly cares about this city. She has my vote!

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