Monday, September 24, 2007

Indiana Attorney General may be getting involved with Harrison Square


Read the below letter from the Indiana Attorney General to John Kalb dated Septemebr 5th, 2007. Then read the Audit from the Indiana State Board of Accounts.

This may get very interesting.

Lets hope some of our City Council members change their votes on the 18 million dollar Harrison Square loan that is up for a vote tomorrow night. I encourage people to attend tomorrow night's City Council meeting!

Mike Sylvester


Squarefinger said...

Looks like Kalb was right all along and everyone just pooh poohed his concerns (except the State Attorney General). What will the local County Prosecutor now do in view of this revelation and Kalb's complaint?

J Q Taxpayer said...

You can not grab the letter from the AG for some reason. It will not open to read on local computer.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I just reposted it as a JPEG.

I think you can "grab" the letter now...

Mike Sylvester

Bobby G. said...

Hey, I said all along this was a bad deal for all the right (or is that WRONG) reasons, but since no one ever pays attention to me or my blogposts, I can with pride claim: "I also told them so"...

If it smells like 3 day old fish, something just ain't right, and this project had FLOUNDER written all over it!
(or was that FOUNDER?)

John's been on this like a bloodhound..and it's finally paying off.



J Q Taxpayer said...

The photo is only 18K in size and when you zoom in you can read it.

This is just a tip of the iceberb people. I tip my hat to anyone who took this on. I think in the next few days and weeks more fall out rain down some parades...

Again good work to all who worked to uncover this.

Angry White Boy said...

A higher resolution is on my blog.

Anonymous said...

yes go read the higher resolution version so you can see that it says ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

Mike, What dots are you connecting???

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Pages 5 and 6 list specific Indiana Code which was violated and over $5 million in wrongful pay outs.

It also lists several other Indiana Code issues with regards to conflict to interest, and the pension funds.

and it goes on...

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, your comments above shed light on what sort of condition the libertarian party is in. "wrongful pay outs" what an irresponsible comment.

Anonymous said...

You guys are like the Keystone Cops of analysis.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Fine, you want the exact words?


Indiana Code 6-1.1-18-4 states in part "...the proper officers of a political subdivision shall appropriate funds in such a manner that the expenditure for a year do not eceed its budget for that year as finally determined under this article."

PAID OUT 5.171.540 TOO MUCH.

Anonymous said...

Wrongful Payout sounds like paper bags being handed out the back door NOT a procedural issue.

You guys are unbeliebable.

John B. Kalb said...

Anonymous at 4:24; Who the heck is talking about a procedural issue? WE ARE TALKING ABOUT UNLAWFUL ISSUES!!! John B. Kalb

J Q Taxpayer said...

John, some of these people must be so use to breaking the law they have no concept.

Having been through a number of financial state audits I know what their report means. In the private sector they would tell you clean it up now. Refund money and damages or your doors will be closed.

I once went through an audit that we typed up and mailed or 300 checks to customer with none amounting to more the $1.35. The computer miscaluated rebate on insurance when loans where paid off. They hung around until the checks where typed, in envelopes and dropped into the mail. That is a fact from the private world!

By the tone of the letter they are highly ticked about the conflict of interests statements not being taken care of for two years running.

They where told the previous year what they had to do and the City did nothing. In fact if you compare the answer from 2005 is nearly what they said in 2006.

John B. Kalb said...

Things are getting more and more curious - I talked with Greg Zoeller in the AG's office in Indy this afternoon. He said that the SBOA had not "certified" their report and without this "certification" their hands are tied - they can't do anything. He also said that this was very, very strange - he couldn't remember any other time where SBOA issued an uncertified report with allegations like those in this one. He also said that along with this one were many others sent to them in one bundle and all the others were "certified". Who is controlling what? I guess we need to "follow the money" on this one! Guess we have to go to court - we are starting on Friday! Stay tuned. Does it seem strange to anyone else that Bruce Hartman, the State Chief Examiner, would be asked, and would agree, to serve on the Local Government Tax Board as a substitute even when Fort Wayne's own John Stafford recused himself from voting on the request for property tax backup ? John B. Kalb

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