Thursday, September 06, 2007

My website is up.

Your comments would be welcome, even if they are snide.


Anonymous said...

1. Decide what you want to tell. Top ten. Unrelated to each other. Write it down.
2. Put yourself in the position of your potential voter. Choose from the list in 1. only issues that interest _all_ or _most_ of _your_district_voters, not personally you of your buddies or people in other districts, states, countries or planets.
3. Observe your direct competition rasing their issues and make your adjustments.Chances are they may know what they are talking about.
4. Make it easy to read. See Dougs site, for example. Short and to the point. Easy to read and understand. (Not that I agree with many issues that he listed).
5. Read a book on how to make presentations. Amazon is your friend.

Bobby G. said...

...And walk softly, but carry a BIG stick.

(sorry, that's only if you tour my street)



Fr. Fozy Bear said...

I have to agree with the top guy and say that yes it is deficient of content and it also lacks connectivity to the Party as a whole.

If people didn't know better they would think you were a reject from the Green Party or Democratic Party Candidate because of the Green background of your header.

You need to spend some time concentrating on your District not just the City as a whole and platform issues that the entire Party stands on.

Robert Enders said...

There is no active Green Party in Fort Wayne, so I don't think there is cause for confusion. I forgot to put in the header that I am the Libertarian candidate.

There is more work I want to do on the website, and it is a work in progress. Some candidates will start out with just a logo, and improve upon that.

Anonymous said...

I thought I would tell my parents about you and pass on your facebook but then the music started - may want to change that if you want some votes from older folks

Robert Enders said...

If you are refering to my myspace page, that page no longer plays music.
I figured older folks do not visit myspace, so it would have little or no impact on what older folks thought of me. But now that the song has been removed, you can show your parents now.

Phil Marx said...

Robert, I give you high marks for your page. As far as deficiency of content, comparing to the Karen Goldner and John crawford pages, I think you have as much of substance to say as either of them do.

As for connectivity to the party, neither of these two candidates explains what it means to be a Republican on their page. But that is because most voters already have their own opinion of this. The truth is, a lot of voters don't rally know what the Libertarian party stands for. Perhaps you should consider some brief synopsis of this under a "Why I'm A Libertarian" header.

Good move removing the link to the music. It was funny, but not for association with a political campaign.

Anonymous said...

Ah! The same Green Mitch Daniels used! Good choice.

The LPIN needs an ATTRACTIVE logo.

Anonymous said...

Your web site is simply not attractive and not user friendly. It not only reflects poorly on you, but makes all libertarians look bad.

How about trying a blog?

You can select an nice looking template.

Ageed -- Green is the color of the Republicans Daneils campaign. It associates you with the Republicans. I think you need to pick another color.

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