Monday, September 24, 2007

"Vote for Bob"

Robert Fuller and I decided to use the same signs and split the costs.

Kind of catchy, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Wow. Exhibit A on the Why Libertarians will NEVER win a race.

You have got to be kidding me. Why didnt you just go ask Bob Morris for his ridiculous "what about Bob" signs and save even more money.

Bobby G. said...

Hey, ease up...I like it!

(then again, I would)


(no write in votes, please)

Robert Enders said...

I still have better name recognition than Anonymous does. This is why I do not take PR advixe from him/her.

To win against an opponent with more money, you have to think outside the wallet.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure there can be a more basic fundamental rule in campaigning then developing name recognition. Unless your name is Hillary or Mitch then it should be your last name!!

The number one way to develop name recognition is through signage. To put up a sign that says Vote for Bob is a wast of money. At the end of this race, there will be no more people that know the name "Enders" than there would have been if you would have put up no signs at all.

Do you honestly think ANYBODY will go into the voting booth and say Gee, I am going to vote for everybody named Bob because I saw a sign that said Vote for Bob.

Are you serious Folks??

Mike Williams said...

Why even bother putting signs out? For starters, no one really knows who the libertarian candidates are much less who "Bob" is. Ender's only received 3.6 % of the vote when he ran for state representative.

Now with the sign ordinance he'll most likely get less, and by advertising "BOB" - even less.

Those combined with the fact that the general public knows very little if anything about his positions means he'll most likely get even less.

Why bother running at all?

Anonymous said...

Why not go the next logical step and just put the word "Vote" by itself. You are already leaving your party? your office? and your last name to guess work. Just put VOTE and call it a day. Do it in black ink to keep cost down.

Robert Enders said...

You can't see it in the picture, but the signs say our name in the disclaimer.

Most yard signs show the name of the candidate and the office that the candidate is running for. The signs rarely say anything about their stances on the issues, or what their qualifications are. Ideally, the signs stimulate a voter's curiousity, so that voters decide to check out who the guy is if they never heard of him before.
The problem is, with so many signs competing for people's attention, how do you make them stand out? You cannot deny that my signs won't stand out. They certainly caught your attention. This will create a lot of buzz and get people talking.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA. And people wonder why the Libertarians never win anything. This is way too funny

Anonymous said...

You're right, I can't deny that your signs won't stand out. Hopefully you recognize that means we're agreeing they WON'T stand out. I can't believe how bad the language skills are in this group.

Robert Enders said...

So I goofed and used a double negative. Mike Williams can't even spell my last name.

This is why I used "Vote for Bob". It is a name that you trolls can spell.

Anonymous said...

Bob, sorry, I misunderstood. I did not realize that you were using last names in the disclaimer section. This makes the sign a lot better. I am sure the passing cars will certainly be able to pick out those 4 point font disclaimers at the bottom of the sign.

Brillian, absolutely brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Ha. These libertarians are a smart bunch. The disclaimer is maybe a few centimeters high. Will the name "Bob" even be on the ballot? Or will it be Robert?

I wonder if Sylvester approved these signs. You know he's a CPA.

fairplaybeach said...

"I still have better name recognition than Anonymous does."

That gave me the biggest laugh of anything I've seen in the "Fort Wayne Blogosphere" since there's been one. It's also a good point. At least there's a good sense of humor in the Libertarian camp...

fairplaybeach said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fairplaybeach said...

All I have to say to all the anonymous' that most likely came from Change Fort Wayne is that someday maybe you'll run a business, a campaign, a "something"... and then understand that it's easier to heckle something than it is to implement it.

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

See I told you they suck and Im not the only one who mentioned each fricken pointe!

1.Why didnt you just go ask Bob Morris for his ridiculous "what about Bob" signs and save even more money.
2.will certainly be able to pick out those 4 point font disclaimers at the bottom of the sign.
3.Will the name "Bob" even be on the ballot?

Quit defending your actions and listen to the criticism!

Then change the damned signs.

Robert Enders said...

Father Fozy, your criticism carries more weight because you are on my side. These trolls have no intention of voting Libertarian, so I don't take campaign advice from them.

"Bob" is well known as the dimunitive form of "Robert". When people see a list of candidates, they will know who "Bob" is.

Also, it's a conversation starter. When people see this sign in the yard of one of my supporters, they'll ask "Who the hell is Bob? Is this a joke?" Word of mouth is highly effective, and it doesn't cost anything.

Gloria said...

Just about any publicity is good publicity. The key words here are "just about."

And as for people not knowing who Bob is, I would hope that voters would do research and actually familiarize themselves with the candidates' names. The newspapers and the Internet are great tools for research. Someone with a little intelligence and common sense would look at the ballot and see Robert Enders and Robert Fuller and know that the "Bob" signs were referring to them.

But I guess a vote is a vote, regardless of if it comes from a smart voter or a dumb one.

Years ago, I heard about someone who was puzzled about the "W '04" stickers. I can't believe anyone would be so dumb to not know the "W" stands for Walker, which is Bush's middle name. And ironically, these stickers show up on the crappiest cars out there, which proves the people served least by the current administration support it the most.

Anonymous said...

Um ok. So you are saying that George Bush and "Bob" Enders have the same name ID? I see how you never win any elections.

Robert Enders said...

She wasn't comparing my name recognition to the president's. She was trying to establish a common frame of reference. Gloria has not won any elections yet because this is her first race. I'm 0-1.

Gloria said...

>>Um ok. So you are saying that George Bush and "Bob" Enders have the same name ID? I see how you never win any elections.

No, I don't feel sick to my stomach when I hear the name Robert Enders. But when I hear George Bush's name, well...

Please remember when you vote that the R stands for Republican, D stands for Democrat, and L stands for Libertarian. They won't tell you that at the polls, because they assume you are smart enough to know that.

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