Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chances to Meet the Libertarian Candidates

Since you asked...

Here are some upcoming chances to meet the Libertarian Candidates for City Council:

Northwest Area Partnership candidate forum 6 p.m. --Northridge Baptist Church on Cook Road
Mayoral, At-Large and 2nd and 3rd Districts

Wednesday Oct 3rd:
YLNI the Vote candidate forum 6:30 p.m. ---Downtown Fort Wayne Library
All candidates on Fort Wayne City ballot

Monday Oct 15:
Northside candidate forum 6:30 p.m. ---Northside High School
All candidates on Fort Wayne City ballot

Tuesday Oct 16:
Builders and Contractors (BCA) and others Candidate Night--Summit Club
All candidates on Fort Wayne City ballot


Karen Goldner said...

The Northside forum is actually only for Mayor, At-Large Council, and Council Districts 1 & 2 - those councilpeople who would serve the northeast area.

Robert Enders said...

Karen Goldner is correct. Not all of the candidates will be able to attend all of the meetings either. We all have private sector jobs, and sometimes that create scheduling conflicts. Feel free to email us though, if you have any specific questions.

I will be at the YLNI and BCA events.

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Yes, Karen. That is true. I do know several of our candidates will be at each of the forums, regardless of whether they are speaking or not. We go to several other community type meetings, as well, and group meetings to keep in touch with the concerns of the entire community.

Anonymous said...

Here are some slogans, feel free to use them as long as I get credit:

It's the Enders of the World as We Know It.

I've Got Horner in my Corner.

Byron Peters. No relation to Nelson.

Vote Larsen. It's marginally better than not voting at all.

Don't worry about candidates, I'll get to you when I have some more time.

Robert Enders said...

I like the first two and I would be happy to give you credit if you could please just tell me your name.

I thought of "I dig Doug", but Doug Horner didn't like it. Mike Sylvester rejected "I like Mike Sly" last year when he was running for school board.

Mike Brightbill proposed buying signs that would have had something along the lines of "insert witty slogan here".

Anonymous said...

I like that, I've been struggling with Brightbill all day.

Phil Marx said...

I find it interesting that the J.G never announced this event, and the N.S. announced it only the day before it took place. To be fair, perhaps the organizers didn't do well in publicizing it to the media. Nevertheless, the fact that neither newspaper covered this event or wrote a story after the fact is pathetic.

High compliments go to Tom Henry, Matt Kelty, Tom Didier, Jonathan Bartels, Karen Goldner, Don Schmidt, Mitch Harper, Marty Bender, Liz Brown, John Crawford, Thomas Essex, Doug Horner, William Larsen, Denise Porter-Ross and John Shoaff. At least these people all had the courage and decency to show up and speak.

Although this was perhaps not as exciting as a debate, the audience interaction with the candidates after their stump speeches was insightful. Aparrantly though, the Fort Wayne newspapers don't think people need to know about this. Either that or they just figure people will get it off the blogs.

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