Friday, September 28, 2007

Fort Wayne Trash Fees

The JG has a piece about this topic that is worth a read:

First of all I have to say that I am please with the City Trash Department. I think they do a "dirty" job and do it fairly well.

First of all the City already plans increaseing garbage fees about $1 per month. I think this is most likely appropriate.

The City is now considering forcing those who generate more trash to pay an extra $2 per extra bin. I also tend to think this is a good idea; howeever, it will be difficult to determine which families routineley use more then 1 bin per week.

The fees associated with garbage collection should match the expenses. The entire service should be paid with user fees.

I think I can support both the $1 per month increase as well as the additional fee for those who generate more garbage.

As an example my neighbors routinely put out three large garbage bins per week (And they are often overflowing). I put out one bin each week and once or twice a year I may generate more then one bin. I tend to think those who generate more trash should pay a higher fee.

Mike Sylvester


J Q Taxpayer said...


I agree with you and have thought that way for years. Like you we have neighbors that generate so much trash I just wonder how they do it. But they should be paying more then I do for one small bin that seldom is full.

One bin - one price.

Robert Enders said...

A couple thoughts:
1. If these new trash cans were supposed to save costs, why are they raising our rates?
2. We should be required to buy our own trash cans. People are more likely to take their trash cans back inside if they have to buy a replacement when they get stolen.
3. I probably generate 40 gallons of trash a week. If you really want to encourage conservation, allow me to cancel my service and split a trash bin with a neighbor.

Robert said...

Is this a Libertarian blogsite or is it not?

Government has no reason to be in the trash business let's let private enterprise prevail. The market will determine the appropriate fee charges.

Robert Enders said...

You are correct. I forgot to mention that in several Indiana cities such as Angola, residents are allowed to choose the company that picks up their trash. The city's only role in this is to ensure that residents dispose of trash in a safe and proper manner.

Privitization of trash collection could very well be a issue for the next city council. People aren't talking about it because it is not an emotionally driving issue.

I will admit that I thought the city-issued trash cans were a good idea because I bought the line that they would save labor costs. But they still empty my trash by hand, yet every trash can on the street looks the same. If I wanted cookie-cutter conformity, I'd live on the north side of town.

J Q Taxpayer said...

Why do I feel the city takes care of the trash pickup?

At one time Fort Wayne allowed everyone to select their own pickup service. Then some people decided they would just let their trash pile up or once every couple of weeks dump it at some other person's house.

Fort Wayne developed such a rat problem that you could drive down allys or some streets and watch the rats run across the street. It would happen night or day!

While most people did the right thing a small percentage did not.

Hence, we ended up with city wide coverage and also it being tacked on to your utility bill.

Bobby G. said...

Real easy way to find out if people are using more than one bin...('s called a DIGITAL CAMERA).
And don't forget to send along your photos to Waste Management (email addy on city site).

SO easy a CAVEMAN could do it.



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