Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Links for Cadidate Info

(Hat tip to Bill Larsen)
You all know who you plan to vote against. But who are you going to vote for?
From now until sometime after Election Day, we will have these links posted for your convenience.


Anonymous said...

I am voting against Horner and Lawson. Horner thinks he can ride his TV popularity to victory and I think that he has allowed it to go to his head. I am also voting against Lawson because he thinks he can just ride is 100% name recognition to victory. Even when Lawson ran for congress he has too many issues and he never focuses in on just one issue.

Robert Enders said...

Care to share with us who you plan on voting for? If you eliminate two candidates off the bat, that still leaves seven at Large candidates. That's four more than you can actually vote for, in case any of you lack access to a CPA.

Doug Horner does know that his limited public access audience is not enough to carry him on to victory, so he canvassing door to door. He is still the same likable Doug that he was before the show, only without the beard.

Name recognition is not one of our strong points. While we are taking steps to improve our name recognition, we can't count on it alone when we are running against incumbents.

Bill Larsen talks about different issues because there are a lot of issues facing both Congress and the City Council. While one can emphasize two or three issues during a campaign, one can't focus on those same issue to the exclusion of all other issues during their four year term in office.

Anonymous said...

Bob, i see what you are saying, but while Larsen takes on all of these little issues, other candidates are focusing on important things like Social Security reform.

Robert Enders said...

I have not heard any of the other city council candidates make any public statements regarding Social Security. If you have, feel free to quote the source.

As important the issue is, it is not something that the city council has control over. The only reason you should use a federal issue as a basis for voting for a local candidate is if that candidate has a potential career in Congress.

Anonymous said...

Bob, its time that city council members start taking such stands. Larsen should have the Kahunas to finally take a stand on social security. I am, quite frankly, sick of Larsen's waffling on the Social Security issue.

Robert Enders said...

But none of the other candidates have made a stand this year. Do you plan to abstain from voting this year?

Anonymous said...

Crawford stands for Health/Non Smoking

Talerico stands for Harrison Square
Didier stands for Restaurant Rights
Smithe stands for ANTI Harrison Square.

They all stand for something. What in god's name does Larson stand for? Ditto for Horner?

Robert Enders said...

For your convenience, I have posted links where you can obtain more info on candidates. You can even find their email addresses there so you can contact them personally if you have any specific questions.

Both Larsen and Horner support the right of restaurants and bars to set their own smoking policies, and both are against using more public funds in the Harrison Square project.

Jeff Pruitt said...

I am considering voting for Doug but I have not made up my mind yet...

Anonymous said...

Cant Larsen and Horner think for themselves? Do they really need to have the same stances on everything?

Robert Enders said...

They do not have the same stances on everything. They simply have the same stances on those two particular issues.

Robert Enders said...

If you don't mind me asking, which at large candidates are you thinking about voting for and why?

Anonymous said...

i find the libertarians blind support of Matt Kelty a little bothersome.

Robert Enders said...

I did criticize Kelty for promising to crack down on "SOB's". While I am leaning towards voting for Kelty, Henry still has a chance to win my vote, and Kelty still has a chance to lose it.

Several other Libertarians have said that they would vote for Henry. But I am placing a higher priority on electing candidates from my own party to office than getting either mayoral candidate elected.

Gloria said...

I have a blog, www.gloriaforthirddistrict.blogspot.com.

I am hoping to spark some discussion about what the citizens of Fort Wayne would like to see for the future of the city.

One thing I hope to bring to city council is less city council and more government by the people, especially on issues like Harrison Square. Many people I talk to are against it. That should tell you something.

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