Thursday, September 13, 2007

Libertarians are ON the ballot

Mr. Warner,

I am writing in response to your column published September 11, 2007, entitled "Few races in county's other cities and towns."

I must take issue with the misinformation you published about the upcoming election in Allen County.

In the paragraph entitled "The smoking vote" you stated "After the Fort Wayne mayor's race, the next most watched races are the City Council at-large races, where six candidates seek three seats."

With the mass amount of media and active campaigns, I am astonished you would recklessly omit the three Libertarian candidates seeking the At-Large seats. This would put 9 people seeking the three seats.

Furthermore, in your statement "Voters upset with the city's tough smoking ban are targeting incumbent Republican John Crawford...But those voters will be hard-pressed to find three at-large candidates to support their views," you absolutely ignore the fact that all three of the Libertarian At-Large candidates (indeed all eight candidates on the ballot) fully support the repeal of the smoking ban.

Not only have the Libertarian Candidates taken THIS stance, but they have very strong commitments to changing the way the public and government work together.

The Libertarian Party of Allen County is very motivated, credible and visible in this community. You disregarded the campaigns and the hard work these people are doing and all that we have accomplished. You have misled the public about the people of Fort Wayne having a CHOICE this year when their traditional Democrat and Republicans have failed them.

If you sincerely do not understand the magnitude of our candidates, campaigns, or issues I would truly like to sit down with you to explain.


Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair
Libertarian Party of Allen County


Anonymous said...

Doesnt the fact that they forgot about them speak to the magnitude?

John B. Kalb said...

Jenny - Go get him! And don't forget the Harrison Square boondoggle! Go Libertarians! John B. Kalb

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Where did this article come from?

John B. Kalb said...

Jennifer- See AWB "3rd district poll"

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

09/11/2007 Tracy Warner Editorial

Jennifer Jeffrey, Chair LPAC said...

Anonymous fan,

See our website, see our candidate website, come to our next meeting :)

Fr. Fozy Bear said...

Here is the full link you will have to copy each line individually into another browser window to get the full link.

ROACH said...

you dont mean a thing, if you aint got that bling.
Unless the local Libertarians/Librarians/liberians/Libbys
can scrape up enough cash to buy a full page ad, on the Sunday JG/ weekend NS just before the election, or mass mailers, or something,
then according to the "rules" put in place by the local partisan/government/media/"stakeholders/business owners/ and "those who may not be named"- the powers that be;
then the rule is "no money, no funny".
Cash =credibility".
blogs, youtube, emailed campaign videos, guerilla marketing techniques are still not mainstream enough to mobilize a large voter turnout.
the best y'all can hope for is that your candidates upset the margins, enough to skew the votes so an underdog wins.
I support the fiscal conservative/social liberal agenda- whomever the party, or candidate, all other things being equal.
I have already endorsed the "Libbys" for council at large, and other races- read about it in my blog

I will be happy to post any campaign materials from this or anyother party, but I may have some fun with it, but in the interest of democracy, and the integrity of the election process, and just good citizenship, I will be fair and balanced- more like keith olbermann, than our local tabloid media "Queen of Mean"- Julie Inskeep, and her sleazy tabloid rag, the Jurinal-Fizzette.

btw- i'm laid-off, disabled- bad back limits my hours working; and have PTSD as a veteran.
so I have no money to donate. sorry!
but good luck!

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