Saturday, September 22, 2007

City Council announces tax breaks

Recently, members of the City Council announced they want to cut taxes. This is like a college student who is about to flunk out of college and announces he plans to study hard before finals. It’s like a bad boyfriend who says he is going to change right before the breakup. Past performance outweighs a sudden change of heart. If the council was serious about keeping property taxes low, they would not have allowed them to get high in the first place. This city needs to rethink TIF's and tax abatements, policies that grant special breaks towards large companies and leave a larger tax burden on small businesses and homeowners.

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Phil Marx said...

It's interesting that this was proposed by Crawford and Pape. Both led the H.S. charge, and Crawford also led the smoking ban (which Pape also voted for).

Of course, if you believe Leo Morris, only Crawford voted for both the smoking ban and H.S. Apparently I missed it when Pape, Talarico and Hayhurst changed their vote.

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