Thursday, September 27, 2007

Republicans for Henry

Jeff Pruitt has an interesting post you should read over at Fort Wayne Left:

Let me start this post by saying that I support Matt Kelty for Mayor.

That being said; several people have asked me what I think about Sam Talarico, an elected Republican, backing Tom Henry, a Democrat.

I have given this a lot of thought and I have changed my mind somewhat from a couple of earlier posts.

I actually have to say that I respect Sam Talarico quite a bit for supporting a candidate from another Party. It takes a lot of guts and Sam has demonstrated that he has guts.

Voters should vote for the best candidate regardless of Party affiliation. (I feel Matt Kelty is the best candidate; however, Sam and I disagree on this) I have little respect for people who vote based solely on political Party.

I currently plan on voting for a Republican for Mayor, a Democrat for City Council, and three Libertarians for City Council.

In one case I am going to vote for a Democrat over a Libertarian (At-large, I am voting for John Shoaff).

So I am going to vote for members of each of the three parties in the upcoming election. I have never voted along Party lines in my life; I doubt that I ever will vote a "straight ticket."

Sam Talarico and I disagree on many things; however, the more I learn about Sam Talarico the more respect I have for him on a personal level.

Mike Sylvester


Rachel said...


I wasn't much a fan of yours while the Harrison Square decision was hanging in the balance. However recent posts, such as this one, noting how you may have differences with someone's decisions but respect how they got there have caused me to realize that I was too quick to judge your intentions.

We can agree to disagree but I'm glad to see that you understand how and why someone may hold a different viewpoint than yourself. There are many in the blogosphere who could learn from your example.

Scott Greider said...

Very commendable, Mike. This goes a long way toward "humanizing" libertarianism.

Phil Marx said...

That's interesting Mike. Your final conclusion about Sam is very similar to mine. Go to AWB and look at "Hayhurst the Blowhard" (Sept 26). My post is extremely long because I was summarizing what everyone else had said. Just read the last few paragaphs below the dashed line and you'll see what I mean. Who knows, if his popularity continues to rise, maybe we'll see "Talarico for Mayor" in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike. Ditto. I know you put a lot of study into the issues and I frequently learn a lot from our discussions.

Sam T.

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