Friday, September 28, 2007

Councilman Pape and I

There are several posts in the blogosphere about a conversation I had with Councilman Pape before the last City Council meeting. To date I have not posted about this conversation; because, it was not a big deal.

That being said several other people are posting and commenting about it; therefore, I thought I would set the record straight.

Here is exactly what happened in my 30 - 45 second conversation with Councilman Pape before the City Council meeting.

I was minding my own business with four other people in between the City Parking garage and the City County Building. This group included Jennifer Jeffrey, Dan Turkette, and Kody Tinnel.

Councilman Pape and Council Shoaff walked by on their way to the Council Meeting. Councilman Pape peeled off and walked up to me.

He got relatively close to me (six inches away I would guess) and was somewhat angry.
He said several things:

1. He told me that he would be happy to meet with me in person and discuss my concerns.
{Note I have no reason to doubt that he would meet with me if I asked him to}
2. He told me that I was making "unfounded accusations" about him on my blog. (He was referring to one post I made that you can find here:
{After re-reading my post I stand behind it 100%. I stated things that are undisputed facts that have been published in local newspapers and that are undeniably true. I also still think that Councilman Pape has a perceived conflict of interest and should have recused himself from the vote.}
3. He then pointed at Dan Turkette (AWB) and asking him if he was Reinking.
{I assume he was referring to Ron Reinking, a local CPA}

Basically I told Councilman Pape that he was wrong and that I was only reporting facts reported in the local media. I did not get particularly angry and I certainly spoke in a quieter and less aggressive tone then Councilman Pape.

All of that being said; Councilman Pape did not act in a criminal or abusive manner. He was certainly a little rude and a little loud; however, that is the way some people are when they are having a bad day.

I am not particularly offended by his actions; however, I was a bit surprised when he came up to me...

I am glad that I was not also having a bad day; because, then we could have escalated into a major argument and that would not help accomplish anything.

Mike Sylvester


Robert Enders said...

As Election Day draws closer, emotions are going to run a little hot. If you are mad at someone, it is always best to take some time to calm down before confronting them, especially if they are from a different party.

People enjoy this sort of drama because it reminds us that politicians are human too.

John B. Kalb said...

It's probably best that I had another commitment last Tuesday, because it is very likely that I could very well have been talking with the group - and I can assure you that Tim would have bore down on me - after all once I did lump him and 6 others into a group that I called idiots during one of our neighborhood meetings at the house two doors from where we live. I also have attended a few meetings with Ron Reinking, another sore-spot with Tim. John B. Kalb

Tim Zank said...

Geez Mike, for a relatively mild mannered CPA, you're really ruffling a lot of feathers lately, eh?

Good for you!

Jeff Pruitt said...

I was told Reinking sent a letter to clerk(?) asking if councilman Pape had filed any conflict of interest paperwork/forms. That's probably why he thought Dan might be him...

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that in the midst of elections we treat each other like nobodies. Whether, we are for one side or another, should not matter, but it is the fact that the end of the day we were decent to people. For a person relatively young, to feel so bitter about the city, especially how people 'crap' on each other is very disheartening. For a city who wants to stop the brain, it is not mere actions, i.e. scholarships and businesses, but the decency of its people that will attract the quality of leadership. The ugliness in the town hall and city streets at this time makes me want to skip town, and find a friendlier town, where people respect each other and know when to agree to disagree.


J Q Taxpayer said...


How true and so sad.

barranda said...

Mike, I’m glad that you clarified things here. If nothing else it shows that you have the ability to recognize the fact that someone might treat you rudely when you implicate their livelihood in a public forum. Some might argue that it should be expected. Anyone that knows the history of my firm and Pape’s would know that I have no dog in your fight, so to speak. However, as one who has seen personal and professional information regarding me and my friends posted for all to see, I can certainly speak to how such postings could cause ill feelings. The discussion regarding a conflict of interest has spawned ridiculous thoughts from some arguing that there should be disciplinary proceedings. I simply cannot fathom how a non-partisan issue like HS has caused such a juvenile disrespect for our civil servants. Again, Mike, I’ll reiterate that I’m not talking about you. As much as I’ve disagreed with Tom Smith’s position on HS, there is no doubt that I have the utmost respect for his dedication to his service. Unfortunately for some, it’s just too easy to cast stones.

Speaking of casting stones, I suspect I know the “Jodi” who has posted above. I find it ironic that someone who caused the public attack upon one of my close friends by announcing false information (and yes, we know it was you), would have the gall to lecture us on the ugliness of Fort Wayne. I bid you adieu.

J Q Taxpayer said...


I have no clue to who "Jodi" is but from what I have posted here and on my own site I will state this. It was based on tracable public records. Be it City or State.

Some issues will only clear themselves either by full disclosure or investagation. Just walking away is not an answer.

It would have been easy for some people to lay the cards on the table and explain the matter away. They elected not to and that is their right.

It is also the right of every voter to question what any elected officials does. If that elected official decides not to answer questions then it is the right of the people to request that someone with power seek the answer.

When I started by blog I had interest in getting into the HS project. It seemed like it was pretty much done. Also, I believed at that time a baseball park was the cheapest investment and be able to draw 200,000 to 300,000 people downtown a year.

However, as I read more and more, things just did not add up. I started looking at documents. I started to look who was doing what. Who was saying what. The more you looked the stranger parts of the deal looked.

When some people just rant I read their comment and move on. If it seems to contain some fact, I start seeing if the dots can be connected. If the dots connect then it appears there is a potential problem. The question needs to be asked and an answer provided. Then we move on.

barranda said...


My post made two separate points. First, when you post something that implicates someone's livelihood, then you should expect that person might treat you rudely. You certainly have the right to post something that is your opinion. Just don’t expect that person will give you a hug when you meet them.

The comment to Jodi was a tangent, really. She lectured us on ugliness when I know that a “Jodi” started a terrible and false rumor that hurt somebody I know and didn’t have the decency to apologize or clear the record. It had nothing to do with the perceived conflict issue.

J Q Taxpayer said...


On the second point I fully understand and that sucks. If I screw up I will admitt it. I will make it as right as I can in the same or better manner then I made it wrong.

I agree that I would not be hugged by these people. But likewise, I would make every effort to show the person they where wrong. I would use facts to prove it. I have not seen one fact offered yet that would come close to answering the issues facing them.

We only got to this point because of two possible reasons. One, is some people may do anything at anytime to get their way. Second, that honest people believe they see something is honestly wrong and trying to right it.

If anyone, on any issue, uses the first one on either side of a debate is wrong an unacceptable. Period!!!

If the second is used then education is the process. Demostrate with facts the thought process is flawed. The person making the claim is then educated and we will not to face that issue again.

Just my thoughts

Anonymous said...

Barranda -
I have never started rumors about anyone of your friends. It would be really hard to do so, when I have never met you or your friends. Please do not trash my name or my reputation.

Phil Marx said...


Don't worry about your reputation because we here on the blog only know you as Jodi Anonymous. I couldn't find that name in the phone book, so I'm not even sure that's even your real name.

By the way, this was only meant to be humorous, so if it offends anybody, then I'm not really Phil.

But if you do laugh, then yeah, it's me.

barranda said...

Jodi Anonymous,

I apologize for apparently trashing your name and reputation. Perhaps the only way for me to set the record straight is to post the full name of the person who was the subject of my post.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jodi, it's me! I didn't know you were posting on here! (Apparently there is only one Jodi in the City of Fort Wayne).

Anonymous said...


It's me too. How's the family? Did you guys enjoy your trip to Hawaii? or was it Russia? I am an old friend of the family. Sorry to cut this short but have to get back to what I am smokin.


Anonymous said...

Michael Barranda:

Don't ruin my daughter's reputation! She is strong leader who does not bow to your public trashing of Matt Kelty. I know her ability to defend herself and Matt pissed you off! Keep your mouth to yourself, and quit lying! Only fools like you play on the internet all day! 3RD Rate Lawyer! My daughter knows how to hustle - and is too busy to spread lies. I guess 5 (FIVE) jobs will do that to a person!

Jodi's Mom

barranda said...

Jodi's Mom,

Your daughter informed us above that she does not know me or my friends. This post has nothing to do with Matt Kelty, and yet you profess to have knowledge of Jodi not bowing to my public trashing of Matt Kelty. I think it's safe to say that either Jodi is lying about knowing me, or you have no idea what's going on.

I do think it is interesting that an anonymous poster (and now her mom) are so worried about Anonymous Jodi's reputation. Like I said, perhaps the only way to clear things up is to provide full disclosure...for the sake of your daughter's reputation.

Anonymous said...

Jodi, honey, let me know if this guy is bothering you. He seems to have a real problem. See you at Thanksgiving.


Uncle Herb

Robert Enders said...

Jodi, Barranda, and Herb:
I'm not angry or anything, but is this the proper forum for this discussion that you are having? I don't have a clue what you all are talking about, but somehow it seems juicy.

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