Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The White American Male College Fund

I have friends from many different ethnic, educational, and geographic backgrounds. I have traveled to about 25 different foreign countries. I have lived in eight different States. I have experienced a lot of different cultures and places.

I still do not understand why we have quotas for Government jobs, why we have programs that solely support one ethnic group, and I do not understand why almost every Business class I attend at IPFW has a Professor that tells us that "The most important thing a business must do to be successful is to be diverse." Huh?

I believe that every employer should hire the most qualified person to do the job. I do not care if the person to be hired is a military veteran, pregnant, white, black, American Indian, gay, blue with purple spots, a Vulcan, or a member of any other group. It absolutely offends me that we have a system where you have to hire a certain number of people from certain ethnic groups. This practice as wrong and in my opinion is anti-American.

I know first hand of several government agencies that have been severely damaged by hiring due to ethnic requirements rather then based on qualifications. I think these quotas should offend members of every minority.

I have always considered starting the White American Male College Fund. I figure that if I do it I will be sued by someone and called a racist. What do you think?


Alex M. said...

I say count me in, Mike; after all, crackas need funds too.

Angry White Boy said...

Ditto that. You talk about reverse discrimination.. that’s it in a nutshell.

IT-Chick said...

Yep. I could not agree more! The stories I could tell. We do not attend the same school, (for the record) but one night in class, an African American gent was asked to move his bag by a white gent of Polish descent. The African American gent called the white gent of Polish descent a "white trash grease monkey" and accused him of being "gay or racist" for "watching so close"
Guess who got in trouble? If you are thinking it is the guy with the two bags in the isle that was tripping everyone that did the name calling... you would be wrong. If you guessed the guy who GOT called the names and asked the guy to move the bag you would be right.

saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears.

IT-Chick said...

... hey what about white girls?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

We could have a White American Woman Fund...

That being said, they are not as discriminated against as the White American Male.

Robert Enders said...

Scholarships should be handed out on criteria like financial need and academic ability.

Ironically, many minority scholarships are handed out to students whose parents have enough to pay for college. These scholarships are not helping to lift kids out of poverty through education, they are instead being given to students who already have opprotunities to succeed.

Doug H. Sec, Lib Pty AC said...

Diversity is a good thing. But it is nowhere near the only thing.

In a very insightful report a journalist who observed the last presidential race was privy to both President Bush's inside operations and Senator Kerry's inside operations.

Senator Kerry sounded like a very nice man. He listened to everyone's opinion. He was very open to a variety of diverse and often opposing views. His team was well rounded. And what happened??? He was run over by the freight train that was the Bush Program!

In the reporters opinion everyone on Pres Bush's team discussed the campaign, hashed it out, then got on board and opperated in a singular direction that ended up steam rolling the Kerry campaign. They thought alike, acted in unison, held the same philosophies and beliefs. They were NOT diverse!

Diversity should be sought after, but only to a limited extent. In my never to be humble opinion, we should neither fear nor seek diversity. We should be open to the world around us and respect other peoples ideas, opinions, and points of view. We do NOT have to embrace them however!

Think about it, if diversity is so damn wonderful then why isn't it sought after in professional sports? Because there would be NO chance of victory, that is why!

Imagine the diversity of adding folks under 6' to professional basketball. That would be diverse.

Or anything less than a 350# mass of muscle and fury in a defensive line??? What about an anorexic sumo wrestler? Yes, that diversity would be enterataining wouldn't it? For about 1/2 a second...Maybe...

The truth is that business is war. You compete in an open market, or sometimes closed market, and attempt to offer your customer the best service at the least price while making the maximum profit. In so doing it is your job to kill off as many competitors as you can, thus insuring your survival in the long run. Just like sports or war.

An army must have certain commonalities to be successful. Every member should be similar in culture, language, beliefs, and devotion to cause. Without any of this the army is less likely to win. An army should be flexable (diverse) enough to adapt to a new enemy or new tactics, but must remain focused enough to win. Same with sports. Same with business.

And yet, for some reason, we alter our priorities with business, believing that diversity is of higher value here. Why? A question to which I have no answer.


Doug Horner

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G-Man said...

Angry White Boy:

With all due respect, there is no such thing as "reverse discrimination". Something is either discrimination or it is not. That being said...white males are the easiest target for discrimination and have absolutely no recourse when it occurs...and it occurs all too often. if I win the lottery, I'll start a white male college fund myself and fight to the death my right to keep it.

Anonymous said...

I agree!

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