Thursday, February 02, 2006

How dumb does he think we are?

I listened to The State of the Union Address. It went pretty much as I expected on the foreign policy segment. Bush is pretty consistent when it comes to foreign policy. I actually agree with a fair amount of Bush's foreign policy.

As many of you know I am a military veteran and I strongly believe in peace through superior firepower... I actually think Bush did a very good job in Afghanistan and I would give him an "A" for that conflict.

He certainly has not done as well in Iraq. I would most likely give him a "D" for that conflict. The conflict itself went well; however, reconstruction has been inept, corrupt, and we are going to have troops in that country for a minimum of 10 years from when they went it.

The parts of his speech that were insulting and inept were the portions on his domestic agenda. I am not sure what his domestic agenda is. I think his domestic agenda is to out-spend all of the liberals in this country and spend more money on everything. That is what he has done for five years.

Do not even get me started on No Child Left Behind or on the prescription drug program...

He talked about fiscal restraint; but, I will believe it when I see it.

He outright irritated me when he started talking about amnesty and guest worker programs... What a moron... Is this guy a Republican?

His rhetoric on our dependency on foreign oil was just that, empty rhetoric.

What was most disturbing was his education proposals. He wants to increase the size of government even more. You have got to be kidding me.

I thought this was his worst Address by far... Just another empty shirt making empty promises...

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