Thursday, February 02, 2006

Fort Wayne and National Servall are incompetent

I live up in the area that was annexed by Republican Mayor Paul Helmke and The Republican City Council in 2003 near Pine Valley.

This year my garbage fees went up $1 per month. The City dropped off a black 96 gallon City trash can to replace my brown National Servall 96 gallon trash can back in November.

In December I got a letter from National Servall telling me they would come and pick up my brown trash can. All I had to do was leave it out in my driveway for two weeks. Sometime during that two weeks they would come and pick it up. I left it out for two weeks and no one ever picked it up. The same thing happened to all of my neighbors and our neighbors in the addition across the street.

Three weeks ago I got another letter from National Servall telling me that I needed to put my garbage can out for THREE MORE weeks during the second pickup time period or else I would have to pay a fee.

This irritated me. I called them and never did get to talk to a person. Then I called The City of Fort Wayne, that awesome City that provides me such awesome services and that raised my property taxes by 30% and guess what they said? It is not their problem...

So I have left my garbage can out for another 18 days so far. It is still sitting out there and they still have not picked it up. Many of my neighbors have left theirs out for another 18 days as well. Some of them are irritated and have put them back in their garages again...

I wonder if National Servall will ever come and get their trash cans?

I want to see them try to charge us for this can now that they have proved they are not capable of picking it up.

By the way, I have a friend that once got a neighborhood code violation for leaving their trash can down at the end of their driveway for several days. It would be AWESOME if The City of Fort Wayne would be dumb enough to come out here and write us all violations... It would not surprise me one bit...

I love being annexed into Fort Wayne. My addition is still paying a private contractor to plow our streets. We still mow our common areas...

I have the honor of paying more taxes so the City can expand The Grand Wayne Center and seize private businesses like Belmont Beverages... I love this City.


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