Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The fate of Fort Wayne Observed has been made public

Nathan has decided to pursue other options and will not be blogging in Fort Wayne. He has decided to turn his blog over to Mitch Harper, the author of Indiana Parley.

I am very sorry to see Nathan go. Nathan is the reason I started my blog. As far as I am concerned, Nathan has been the author of the best blog in this area.

I think Mitch Harper will do a good job running this blog. Mitch knows a lot about local politics and knows a lot about local history. Mitch has some large shoes to fill... I will be interested to see if Mitch Harper takes local Republicans to task when they need to be taken to task!

I will miss Nathan in the local blogosphere.

The blog will be open to general access tonight at midnight. Please check it out.

The blog has changed its layout and I think you will like what you see!



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