Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another school Board issue

There are a lot of things I want to change in the School system. With all of the challenges that face our public education system I do not understand how our elected officials come up with legislation like SB 125.

The text of SB 125 is below:

Sec. 21. (a) Beginning in 2007, each school corporation shall annually report to the state department of health the height, weight, ethnicity, age, and sex of the school corporation's students. (b) A school corporation shall report data required under subsection (a) according to rules adopted under this section. The rules must include the following: (1) Information regarding the importance of accurate measurements and the collection of measurements for improving children's health. (2) Procedures for the measurement of children in a respectful and dignified manner. (c) Data may not be reported under this section in a way that makes students personally identifiable. (d) The data collected under this section may not be recorded on:
(1) a child's report card; (2) a child's transcript; or (3) another document from which an individual other than the child's family or school personnel could determine the identity of the child. (e) The state department of health, in consultation with the department, shall publish and make available to the public an annual report summarizing data collected under this section. (f) The state department of health and the state board shall adopt joint rules under IC 4-22-2 to implement this section.

SB 125 is a terrible idea. Our public schools do not need more unfunded mandates to deal with. Unfunded mandates are one of the reasons why our property taxes are skyrocketing...

Guess which Party authored this bill? Yep, you guessed it, The Big Government Republican Party of Indiana...

What a joke...


GadFlier said...

Time to agitate for a constitutional amendment:

"No program, policy, agency, entity, nor other act or organization shall be imposed by the state of Indiana excepting that it be funded by funds raised on a statewide basis."

A crude attempt, but it would force the General Assembly to come up with funding for its schemes or not be able to have them. State legislators would have to bear the ire of Hoosiers for raising taxes for every program they impose.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

It is a bit crude; but, it might be effective.

None of our politicians would ever propose something that limited their power. They are too greedy.


William Larsen said...

Report the height, weight, ethnicity, age, and sex of the school corporation's students?

What are they going to use this information for? I did not see where the student had to comply?

An encroachment on or personal freedoms, they just keep chipping away.

fairplaybeach said...

I think that was standard policy in North Adams where I grew up to take height, weight, ethnicity, age, and sex maybe all through elementary school. That's my first memory of anything to do with going to school.. a kindergarten memory and I remember the feeling was like I was cattle.

IT-Chick said...

I recall that as well. I remember the poor "fat boy" and his weight every year being not so gently whispered down the line along with calculations of how much he had gained over the course of the year. Not that the school nurse was ever quiet in telling us our height and weight. Trust me. I was never the, uh, tallest kid in the class, I have always been 'vertically challenged' as my pals put it now. I come in at just under five four. In farm country some kids had gotten to that by 6th grade.

Anonymous said...

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