Friday, February 03, 2006

They think we are really stupid...

The Indiana House has "symbolically" voted to abolish property taxes by 2009. They actually amended a bill that would end up abolishing property taxes.

I really hate property taxes. I think they are a poor way to tax. That being said, about five BILLION dollars are raised each year with property taxes. Where would this money come from?

They did not decide where the money would come from; in fact, after they passed this measure, many of those same politicians said the vote was symbolic and that property taxes would not be abolished.


Basically, they passed this measure and do not mean it.

This measure passed unanimously. We need a lot of new politicians...

Below is a link to a newspaper article about this:

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IT-Chick said...

AND they are so CHEAP they can send out one bill a year rather than two.

Small but something I've always found irritating.