Monday, February 20, 2006

I hate computers, at least some of the time

I have spent two hours so far reinstalling Windows XP and resintalling all of my software on one of our work computers.

This is one of those times I would like to have a quiet conversation with the people who design computers...


IT-Chick said...

Uh Mike, when you are done, create a restore point.

Maybe you would want to go to Best Buy (or Walmart or where ever) and buy a copy (or 5) of Norton Ghost and make an image of the Machine. that way if something happens again, you can just reinstall the image in, like, 20 minutes.

Then, I am assuming your data is safe because you have done back ups? If not, email me.

I can tell you a nice way to back up the whole office.

It is tax season... bad time for this eh?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Can you tell me a bit more about Norton Ghost?

I back up all of our data weekly. I never lose data.

I have an older computer that just keeps getting a little buggier all the time. It is 3 years old and has had MANY different programs installed and removed over the years. I have upgraded the OS on that system once, and it never worked right afterwards.

So, I am reinstalling everything.

Any computer advice on how to better maintain my home network would be appreciated...

I have setup WEP security on the system so that others cannot easily access it.


Robert Enders said...

Aha! Is this why you haven't played your turn in "Axis and Allies"?

IT-Chick said...

Norton Ghost will make an image of the machine exactly as it is.

You burn that onto a cd.

Then if something goes awry, you can reformat the computer, plop in the image disk -- install-- and wa la~ ! The computer is retuned to it's pristine state.

IT-Chick said...

Good idea, but if someone wants in they will get in it takes about 20 minutes at the most.
But unless you are really protecting the secrets of something pertinent I wouldn't worry. Of you have other information to be protected, I;d secure in a couple of ways in addition to WEP.

Axis and Alies? Well, let's say I am a lot less busy in the summer as the company I currently work for is seasonal. Right now, we are in the very inferno.

Jane Kite said...

Mike, This is totally off topic, though I love your blog.

I'm a recruiter for Do it Best Corp looking for a CPA to come in and learn our Internal Audit function from the ground up. Knowing you and your wife are both accountants, I thought maybe you'd know somebody. We're a growing company with expected sales of 3Billion this year, competitive salary and amazing benefits. I just joined in December, so I obviosly think it's a great place to work. Feel free to forward my message to anyone you know who might be interested. I can be reached at

My husband has forbidden me to talk politics becasue of my blood pressure and his nerves, but suffice it to say my retiement plan is to join the peace corp. I've concluded the only answer is to live a peaceful constructive life and do what I can do in concrete terms. I have a degree in public administration, so I'm also a beleiver in paid professional public managers, not politics.

Help me out on this search if you can. Jane

Robert Enders said...

My computer is three years old as well. I'll get a new one when Windows Vista comes out.

I can't see how accounting programs would put any undo stress on a computer. Perhaps you should use seperate computers for work and for games.

IT-Chick said...

Holy Crap Robert!
Do NOT wait for VISTA to upgrade!
The thing takes a half a gig just to run (512) JUST TO RUN. If you wanna sneek a peek to see the added features without the memory hog that it is go to and check out the download for the upgrade from xp to vista. They have this nifty download so that you can get the appearance of vista without getting the package itself.

Robert Enders said...

I was worried about compatability with future apps. I figure that I will eventually have to buy Vista anyway when something I like requires it. Since I will probably have to buy Vista anyway, I won't get a new computer until it comes out. My computer is sufficient for needed day to day tasks. Gaming is handled by my PS2, which will also become obselete this year but is fine for now.

Anonymous said...

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