Monday, February 27, 2006

Fort Wayne wants to hire yet ANOTHER consultant

This is getting very out of hand. Please read Cindy Larson's article in The Sentinel:


The article talks about a sewer project that Fort Wayne has been talking about since 1994 (The year Souder promised term limits and was elected to Congress).

The project is to install a sewer system and to have about 200 residents tap into the new sewer system. This project is unpopular with some residents due to the fact that they may have to pay part of the costs...

I think the residents should pay a part of the costs. The City and the residents should split the cost...

What I do not understand is that Fort Wayne is considering hiring yet another consultant to design the project. I look forward to seeing what City Council decides. I would think that we would use City employees to design this sewer project; hiring another consultant is completely absurd and fiscally irresponsible. Most likely The City Council will hire the consultant without once thinking about the taxpayers.


IT-Chick said...

Shouldn't Fort Wayne FIX the existing sewer and drainage problems before adding? I dunno? Is that too much common sense? Or is it that the neighborhood I live in doesn't generate ENOUGH high tax dollars to be cared about? The broken curbs, NO STREET lighting, backed up drainage, none of that matters right? I did notice a few blocks down on Kensington, where the property values are higher... the street lights are up, and sidewalks are fine. Oh, and the drainage seems to work a little better as well. But maybe that is just me.

Doug H. Sec, Lib Pty AC said...

To All,

I would like to see some intelligence used when doing such things as sewer work or any utility work.

Everything works better if it is placed underground. Powerlines, telephone lines, and sewer all needs to go underground.

This would protect communications and power distribution from damage due to inclement weather. However, this is expensive.

What if we decided that whenever we were forced to tear up the street for ANY new or repair work we would charge a minor fee to the power and telephone suppliers and combine all of our work into a one time cooperative? That way, as the years passed and work was eventually needed in one neighborhood or another overall service to the community would improve.

Also, as far as consultants go...

Why do we need to spend a dime?

We have several excellent colleges right here in Fort Wayne. Is there NO WAY we could work together with our local colleges to allow the professors and students to design projects for us?

This would accomplish several things:

#1) Drag Ivory Tower professors into the "real world". This is desperately needed for some of them.

#2) Give the students a real world project to work on. This will help them in dealing with real world problems when they graduate from college.

#3) Zero $$$ cost to the city for expert, inovative, creative help! My goodness, if it worked very well we might even be able to coordinate internships that would eliminate government jobs and cut our budget!

Just a thought.

Doug Horner

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Anonymous said...

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