Sunday, February 26, 2006

Robert Rouse

Local blogger Robert Rouse attended the protest outside of The Allen County Republican convention.

Apparently he was asked to stop taking pictures on PUBLIC PROPERTY. You can read more over at his blog Left of Centrist.

I may have to go to the next Convention with a camera...


Anonymous said...

"even though I was standing next to a TV cameraman shooting the same story, I was told by a plain clothes police officer that I had to stop taking photos. Why should I have to stop if the cameraman from the MSM doesn't?"

The answer is because that there is an agreement between some local law enforcement and the media on what they will report. For example, law enforcement doesn't give dui's to the large amount of drunk-while-driving tv talking heads in exchange for not reporting certain things that the MSM find out that would make law enforcement look bad.

Well, that's something an employee of one of the stations told me once and I couldn't tell if she was just making a joke or if there was any truth to it.

IT-Chick said...

Is the Coliseum Public Property or Private Property? Did he pay his $2 to get in and park? They are announcing that the "convention" was open to the public.
It is weird to me if the protesters were allowed there, Why Robert wasn't.
Don't get me started on the DUI thing...

Angry White Boy said...

Mmm... Marti Wright got busted

From the police blotter: WPTA (Channel 21, Fort Wayne [ABC]) anchorperson Marti Wright was arrested near Auburn on a misdemeanor charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. According to the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, DeKalb county sheriff's deputies booked her around 11pm on Thursday March 30, where she was then held pending a $500 bond. No word from station management on Wright's future

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Heck, Indiana could get an extra $25 dollars if she was not wearing a seat belt!

Canadian Fakin' said...


The Coliseum charged $3!

Anonymous said...


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