Thursday, February 09, 2006

National Servall

I called National Servall this morning. After putting up with the normal irritating automated answering service I eventually got to talk to Sue.

I explained to Sue that my neighbors and I have had our trash cans out waiting for pickup for almost a month, and they still sit there.

Sue assured me that if they were out between Jan 16th and Feb 3rd they were definately picked up by National Servall.

I told her that she was wrong, my Bin has been at the end of my driveway since January 15th, and National Servall still has not picked it up. There are 5 homes on my street, 4 of us have the bins still in our driveway, the fifth person has given up and has put it back in his garage...

You would think National Servall could pick these bins up sometime, wouldn't you?


Andrew Kaduk said...

You should just put all of the containers on a pallet, shrink wrap them and ship them freight collect to Serv-All. OR...BETTER YET: Fill a pickup truck with as many Serv-All containers as you can find and start wheeling them one by one into their lobby at their office. I bet they'll dissapear them for you at that point!

Robert Enders said...

Mike, my sister in Indy says she can use one. Can she have yours?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Heck no Robert. National Servall will most likely try to keep chargning me rent for it...

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