Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Republicans in Congress completely inept

The Republicans in Congress are fiscally worse then the Democrats they replaced.

Consider the following information:

Party Number of members in the House Number of members in the Senate
Reps 231 55
Dems 201 44
Ind 1 1
Vacant 2

Mike Pence (Who I like from a fiscal standpoint) is blasting his party for its fiscal policy almost every day. Please check out this article about out of control spending:


The Reps are expanding government and wasting our money faster then The Democrats did. This is shameful and we need to throw most of these bums out of office.

Mark Souder is a great example of the problem. There are too many large government Republicans; this is why The Republican Party left me!

The Reps have a majority in both Houses of Congress and Bush is a Republican. They do not have any excuses. Runaway Federal spending is 100% attributable to the Republican majority...


Doug said...

I speculate that you're going to run into this pretty much any time you have one party rule. I think gridlock is our best defense against growth of government and government spending.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I have come to the same conclusion in the last few years Doug...

GadFlier said...

As I explained to my very liberal (but otherwise sensible) fencing master: The two big parties are dogs fighting over a bone. We are the bone. So long as they fight each other, the bone won't get chewed on.

On a more prosaic note, I did once read a study that showed Republicans to be no more fiscally responsible than Democrats at the municipal level. Fiscal responsibility only emerged as an accidental consequence of shared power. When either party dominated, spending rose.

Anonymous said...

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