Sunday, February 19, 2006

City Council and annexation

The Huguenard Road annexation was approved last year. The annexation affected 1600 people.

Many of our current City Councilmen have run on a platform that they oppose annexation; let's look at how they voted on this annexation:

The preliminary vote passed 8:0 with Talarico being absent.
The final vote passed 8:0 with Pape being absent.

The upcoming annexation's will be mindlessly approved as well; they always are.

Our City Council considers these annexations voluntary since at least 1 more property then 50% has a waiver stating that they will not oppose annexation signed by the developer. Consider the following:

1. That means as many as 49.9% of properties may not have a waiver.
2. Many people have a waiver that they had no idea was on their property.
3. In every annexation I have heard of a majority of the property owners OPPOSE annexation.

I think we need some new City Councilmen...


Mike Kole said...

Those waivers have been thrown out in the courts. Those who wish to challenge these annexations need to organize, raise some money for legal help, and dig in their heels. They can count on the political support of the Libertarian Party.

Resident opponents of forced annexation who believe in property rigths and the right to self-determination should strongly consider running for council as a Libertarian.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I would like to know more about getting those waivers thrown out in court. I did not know that. How can I learn more?

Anonymous said...

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