Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Why on Earth do many of you think I should be a Democrat?

I have noticed something over the last couple of months, more and more Democrats (Liberals in many cases) have been visiting this blog.

The slight majority of the responders to my most recent poll think I am a Libertarian based on the 20 views that I posted...

A fair number of you think I should be a Democrat.

VERY few of you think I am more in line with The Republican Party.

I am SURPRISED; to say the least...

I am REALLY curious why some of you think that my views are more in line with the Democratic party.

Please let me know!

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

From what I know about you from your blog I would say there is little, if anything about you that would make me want to describe you as a Democrat. I was a little surprised by the poll as well.

-Kody T

Jeff Pruitt said...

So does this confirm the theory that the modern day Republican party is out-of-touch w/ the philosophy of limited government?

Anonymous said...

It's simple; you believe in less government involvement in our lives, both in an economic and social sense. Republicans want a larger gov't role in ALL areas of your life, while Democrats at least agree with you when it comes to several issues regarding civil liberties.

Doug said...

I'd say anonymous 6:28 a.m. is probably on the mark. As between the two Big Parties, Republicans are, at the moment anyway, furthest away from libertarian principles.

Socially, Dems have been reasonably permissive for quite some time. Fiscally, years of "tax & spend" attacks from Republicans have had their effect. Dems aren't quite as quick to whip out the government check book as maybe they were in the past. And, unlike the Republicans of recent years, they have shown an inclination to balance budgets.

Let's just say your political leanings seem closer to Clinton than to Bush II.

Still, the Libertarian Party is probably the place you want to be.

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

With the Republicans touting less government, and the Democrats touting more control.. why would you think the Libertarians are more alligned with Democrats??

I know we tend to agree on civil liberties with the Democrats, but NOT big government which is the root of all the issues.

Really puzzled...

Jennifer Jeffrey, LPAC Chair

Mike Kole said...

Jennifer- some Republicans may tout small government, but very precious few really walk the walk. Until the last election, we had Republicans holding the majorities in the Congress and the White House, and the budget exploded. Here in Indiana, we also had the Staethouse dominated by the GOP, and budgets swelled.

That's the proof in the pudding. Talk is cheap. I'm with Doug- at least some Dems talk about civil liberties, once it becomes politically expedient to do so (hello, Iraq).

But even Luke Messer, former Executive Director of the Indiana GOP and a former legislator, said that the Republican Party was the party of "better government" no smaller government. Given a chance to retract, he stood his ground.

Want more?

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

Good words to chew on.

I would take up further conversation any time!

definately looking closer at your viewpoints

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