Friday, March 23, 2007

Contested primaries in Fort Wayne

There are quite a few contested primaries in Fort Wayne. Over the next couple of months I will analyze these races.


City Council At Large
2nd District City Council


City Council at Large
4th and 5th Districts City Council

Mike Sylvester


John Good said...

Mike - Here's some basic information as well as full contact info for Mr.Langley (4th District):

Charles Langley

David Corcoran said...

I was hoping Mike would post a thread on Kelty, but I'll use this to state that I think Matt Kelty would be the worst thing to happen to Fort Wayne in decades.

Fort Wayne needs progress - we are about 15 years behind the rest of the US. If anyone disagrees with this statement - you need to leave Fort Wayne for awhile.

Kelty is only going to offer us more failure. Libertarians - don't be fooled by the shiny small business friendly coin he is touting - behind it is an extremely absurd agenda.

I will do everything possible to publically criticize this guy if he gets past the primary.

Jennifer Jeffrey said...

Mr. Corcoran,

What would you say his agenda is? Or any other Republican running?

What specifically are you thinking in his agenda would harm Ft. Wayne? How would Nelson Peters help or be any different?

Have you sat down to talk with either of them or their supporters? For you to make a public promise to try to ruin someone must be followed up by rational as to why you have these beliefs, otherwise its pure ?

Sincerely wondering why you make this statement.

Jennifer Jeffrey
Chair, LPAC

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that Mr Corcoran is right on when talking about Kelty. I HAVE sat down and talked with Matt. He is a nice man, but one that would simply ruin this city.

He has no experience, and his ideas are, like David said, absurd.

If you want to know Matt's platform and agenda, I can tell you what it is...."Anti-everything." No matter what it is, Matt is against it.

I vote Republican 90% of the time, but if somehow, someway Matt Kelty won the primary, I would support Tom Henry in a second.

Both Tom and Nelson have experience in local politics. Both are experienced in their fields and both have good visions for our city.

I have spoken with all three of these candidates and each for a large amount of time. I know that Matt is using certain issues as wedge issues to gain political support...Harrison Square, smoking ordinace, SOBs, religion, and consolidation. Unfortunately, most of these topics either play no role in local elections or will not be a factor when our next mayor takes office.

He is deceiving many and Libertarians themselves must not be fooled by his acts and slogans.

Anonymous said...

Well Said Dave. Nice guy but NO WAY a Mayor. If he wins, it would be a huge set back for Fort Wayne.


Robert Enders said...

Experience only counts if everyone is happy with the way things are going. President Hoover had experience, but somehow people just were not satisfied with the way things were going in 1932.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Wow, some of you do not like Matt Kelty.

I would be interested in hearing more about what you think he would do that would harm Fort Wayne and I would ask you to be specific if possible.

The only ones listed so far are:

Harrison Square, Smoking Ban, Consolidation (I agree with Matt on these)

SOB's (I do not agree with Matt on this one)

After talking to Matt it is obvious that he is far more religious then I am. Has he advocated mandating religion or something? I have voted for an agnostic before and I have voted for people who are quite religious before...

Mike Sylvester

Anonymous said...

I have a problem with Nelson Peters. He has aligned himself with Carl Brizzi.

Brizzi is the prosecutor for Marion county as well and also works on the Gulianni campaign. He's against the marriage amendment and obstructs the fight against sexual predators.

If Nelson is so conservative or family friendly as he wants everyone to believe then why has he aligned himself with someone so liberal.

Jennifer Jeffrey said...


Absolutely absurd.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


I would also agree with you that experienced politicians are who have created the problems we have now...

I will be voting for very few incumbents in November.

Mike Sylvester

Anonymous said...

Bob, we can disagree all day about what is needed to lead the state's second largest city, but I believe with all my heart that Kelty does not have what it takes to run an operation of this magnitude. No way, and the idea that he is the candidate of the younger generation is an absolute joke.

Robert Enders said...

That is the idea though. The magnitude of the operation should be reduced. It is not the reponsibility of the city to furnish entertainment and lodging.

Anonymous said...


this isnt Mayberry.

Anonymous said...

Nelson hasn't shown any original ideas in his campaign. He only copies Kelty on the issues, when he actually is willing to take a stand.

He even copied Kelty's tag lines.

Following your opponent is not leadership.

Anonymous said...

anonymous thinks Nelson Peters is copying Matt Kelty's ideas. How absolutely absurd. Kelty does'nt have any. He objects to everything and takes no real stand on the issues. He just says "I'm not for it". Talk about someone who doesn't want change! He plays it safe so he doesn't offend anyone. No guts - no glory.

Rose said...

I would like to know why you think a man like Nelson Peters who has been involved in Fort Wayne politics for a very long time, would be copying a man like Matt Kelty, who has NO experience. Wow, how can you even conceive of such a thought? For crying out loud the man is an architect! He has no original ideas at all, and his supporters are so worried of him losing that they are making this a dirty campaign. Thats a great strategy, smear the opponents so your candidate looks better. Well whatever works best for ya.

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