Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Big news, CPA exam

I got my score for the fourth section of the CPA Exam this afternoon.

I passed with a 78...

Now I have to send in a package to Indiana to get my CPA license...

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...

Congrats from Change Fort Wayne

Anonymous said...


Congratulations!! I remember the feeling vividly of passing my last part. As somebody who has taken the Bar and the CPA Exam, I can attest that the CPA exam (IMO) is much much much harder.

Sam T.

Karen Goldner said...

Woo hoo! Congrats!

James Fitch said...

Great Job

Mark W. Rutherford said...

Excellent news! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...


Jeff Pruitt said...

Just thought I'd add my congrats as well!

Anonymous said...

I love the blog that you have. I was wondering if you would link my blog to yours and in return I would do the same for your blog. If you want to, my site name is American Legends and the URL is:

If you want to do this just go to my blog and in one of the comments just write your blog name and the URL and I will add it to my site.


Change Fort Wayne said...

now it will be about time to switch to the GOP. Right Mike???

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Change Fort Wayne:

Why would I switch?

Did the Republicna Party become a small government Party again while I was preparing tax returns this week?

Mike Sylvester

Anonymous said...

Mike, we want you in the GREEN PARTY!

LP Mike Sylvester said...

The Green Party?



Do you think I would fit in with their philosophy? I admit that I do not know much about the Green Party.

Aren't they in favor of large government, the environment, and anti-military?


Anonymous said...


Remember to have a "celebration dinner" with your wonderful wife.


Parson said...


Kat Coble said...


That is big news indeed.

Robert Enders said...

I have always been of the herd mentality! Congrats!

I think the Green Party guy is pulling your leg. Last time I checked, they only had a significant presence in South Bend and Bloomington. They can't grow much without the presence of a college.

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