Monday, March 26, 2007

Fort Wayne Republican Primiary, 2007

If you are going to be voting in the Republican primary in 2007 who will you be voting for and why will you be casting your vote for the candidate you listed?

Please do not make personal attacks on any of the candidates and please explain your reasoning.

Mike Sylvester


tiredoldguy said...

I will be voting for Matt Kelty. I believe that Matt has a vision for Fort Wayne that does not involve more government, more taxes, development for legacy purposes, and is free of the current political bosses.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Matt Kelty because I am tired of the status quo.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Matt Kelty because I believe that he has a vision thatis drastically different then Peters and he has the energy to carry it out.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Nelson Peters. No one else has nearly his experience or expertise. He's obviously the right choice.

Anonymous said...

More than likely Tom Henry.

Anonymous said...

"I'm voting for Matt Kelty because I am tired of the status quo."


Hardware stores downtown.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting Matt Kelty. Leadership is more important than experience.

Our problem is too many politicians are experienced.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Matt Kelty.

Mike Kole said...

Looks like your ballot box has been stuffed. I find it hard to believe that so few of your readers would opt for 'I do not vote in the Republican primary'.

Anonymous said...

I will definitely be voting for Nelson Peters. He has the vision to elevate Fort Wayne to where it should be but more importantly, he has the talent, experience, knowledge, resources and the passion to get it done!

P.S. Are you sure that the same "anonymous" person is not writing all of the comments that are pro Kelty? Seems suspicious to me.

Anonymous said...

What exactly did Peters do during all those years he held office (according to his website from 1991-2000)? If there's a problem with downtown, and I'm not sure there is a problem that is unique to any city Fort Wayne's size, doesn't that make him part of the problem?

I'm not criticizing him, he seems like a nice guy.

Angry White Boy said...

I'm voting for David Roach.

bawahahahahaha.. okay, just kidding. Matt Kelty gets my vote.

I'm tired of the good-ole' boy network running this town thinking that we're all too stupid to make decisions on our own.

Further, they do not listen to their constituants and vote to benefit their political fortunes instead of what's best for us.

I honestly cannot think of one I'd like to keep around including a certain councilman that's leaving soon.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Matt Kelty precisely BECAUSE he isn't part of the establishment.

Nelson Peters will simply continue to do to the same thing he always has, like every other "experienced" politician who has served in this county and drug it down to where it is today.

The arguement that someone who has been in government for a long time is a better choice is simply nonsense. That's why we are where we are.

Get Nelson and everyone else out NOW.

Anonymous said...

Kelty has Given the pledge of allegiance and prayer at more bean dinners, lincoln days and GOP luncheons than anybody in the history of Allen County. Please explain to me how he is not part of the Republican Establishment?

Sam T.

Angry White Boy said...

Oh come on Sam, sheesh. So you're saying that because Matt has said the pledge of allegiance and prayer he's a GOP insider?

You, Peters and Crawford are part of the Sycamore Hills County Club Republicans. Matt isn't.

Sam, you crack me up.

Robert Enders said...

Mike Kole,
I do not vote in primaries. The person who said that they are going to vote for Tom Henry plans on voting Democratic in the general election. But he still has not said who he plans to vote for in the GOP primary.

bud said...

I'll be voting for Matt Kelty. They are both decent, bright men, but this City needs change desparately. Choosing the long-term elected official, endorsed by all other long-term elected officials, doesn't sound like a recipe for short term change.

Anonymous said...

Angry White Boy,

I love your continued references to me being a Country Club Republican. I am not sure what you even mean. But, I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of a country club AND I am the son of a parochial school teacher and waitress (so obviously did not grow up around a country club).

Matt is a GOP insider, period. So is Nelson. That is why it should be so telling that virtually every "INSIDER" is supporting Nelson.

Sam T.

Anonymous said...

PS Angry White Boy,

I would venture to bet that if you took a look at Kelty's 2002 finance report when he ran for state rep, it is loaded with the names of all the "so called insiders" that you so loathe.

They just dont support him now.

Sam T.

Anonymous said...

That argument doesn't make sense Sam. It was a general election against a formidable democrat. Some of those insiders supported Kelty because they were motivated to expunge Win Moses from office. It doesn't mean that they were necessarily in Kelty's corner for the sake of supporting Kelty.

Just because an insider supports you doesn't mean you are an insider.

Anonymous said...

No Anonymous. You are actually incorrect.

The "insiders" supported Matt in 2002 because they thought he was "up" for that job, but now they dont for this job.

He certainly did not run away from the insiders in 2002.

Anonymous said...

All "insiders" have been required to report to Sam on a weekly basis. His assertions concerning what all "insiders" think today, and thought in 2002, are based uipon a review of Insider Reporting Form 304 (rev.6/05).

Anonymous said...


Remember, I am both an Insider and a Country Club Republican depending on what bloggers you listen to.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with all of you that say that they will not vote for Nelson Peters because: "he's a long-term elected official", "an experienced politician" and "a Sycamore Hills Country Club boy".....

The fact is- Nelson Peters has held only two elected positions. Both within the COUNTY- no CITY positions.

County Council from 1991-2000. Doesn't County Council oversee the county's budget? County councilpersons do not invigorate city growth or revenue- they only oversee the county's budget. When Nelson was on County Council, he was the only member that questioned unneccessary spending and he tried like heck to minimize spending. He definitely was NOT one of the good ole' boys. He opposed many things the rest of the council approved. Look at the records.

County Commissioner since 2005- check his record. He has done so much in the 2 years he has been in office. Write to him and ask for a list of accomplishments he has achieved as County Commissioner.
He would be proud and happy to send you the list-- I think your eyes will be opened to Nelson's real agenda and goals. The betterment of this town and the town's community members is what really matters to Nelson.

Nelson has not had the chance to really give himself to the city of
Fort Wayne because of his roles with COUNTY government. He did so much for the County- give him a chance with the City. I believe this guy has genuine passion to get this town to where it should be. Besides the passion he has, he has the resources.

Please do your homework very thoroughly before voting in May.


LP Mike Sylvester said...

I am beginning to think I should run for Mayor...

Mike Sylvester

Anonymous said...

I'm also supporting Matt Kelty. Nelson Peters is a fine man, but I am looking for change. The long list of elected official endorsements that Sam likes to tout as "interesting" and "telling", to me, just say more of the same. Matt is an impressive guy with a lot of energy, intellect and dedication.

Republicans will be well served either way, but I think Kelty offers a chance to break out of the entrenched patterns of the las 20 years.

Mark Garvin

Anonymous said...


I really am confused by this "break out of the entrenched patterns of the last 20 years" What exactly are you talking about?

In the last 10 years, the following republicans have been elected:

1. Me (from a democratic family with zero ties to the republican establishment)

2. Paula Hughes who upset an "entrenched" former repulican mayor

3. Darren Vogt a business person with zero political ties

4. Cal Miller, a political newcomer with zero ties to the "establishment"

5. Bill Brown, a small business owners with zero political background.

6. Paul Moss, a health care business person

7. Tom Didier, a independent person with no political ties

With all due respect Mark,

What in the Hell are you talking about?

Sam T.

Anonymous said...

PS Mark. Furthermore, the irony is that I have been the least "establishment" person around.

I have made more old republicans mad than anybody!

1. I helped push the new slate of county council candidates in 02

2. I went against the old guard when I pushed for a new arena downtown instead of raising the roof on the existing arena.

The idea that I am part of this so-called republican establishment is an absolute joke.

Sam T.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, I was referring (and not very clearly) to entrenced patterns of governance, business, etc., not that everyone elected in the last 20 years was from an identical mold. Did you ever read the short "book" "A Farewell To The Fort"? Some of the same issues were identified there 10 years or so ago.

And yes, you have been a bit of a Maverick and I respect you for it. I also respect your decision to take a break to spend more time with your family. It baffles me, though, when you constantly appeal to "endorsements," whether it be elected officials for Peters or prominent business people who "must be satisfied with the details or they wouldn't support Harrison Square." Your independent thinking, I think, was a big source of your substantial support; not your ability to recite the opinions or conclusions of important people.

Mark Garvin

Anonymous said...


you are probably right about endorsements. However, even you should admit, that it is a little strange to have every single elected official behind Nelson including "mavericks" like myself, newcomers like Didier, old guard conservatives like D. Schmidt and even Cathy Hawks! (if there is one person you would think would be supporting Matt, it would be Cathy).

I just think it sends a strong signal that people of all political persuasions (all of whom know Matt and Nelson) dont think Matt is the right choice to be Mayor.

Its interesting that you want to break out of the "entrenchment" but you are such a vocal opponent of the first private project in years that could help move us a little bit beyond the status quo. Seems inconsistent to me. Kelty gives every indication of entrenching this community into the status quo even more.


Anonymous said...

Go Kelty. I'm tired of the rampant cronyism of the local Republicans.

Anonymous said...

I will be voting for Nelson Peters. Mr. Peters has the vision and wherewithal to direct this city to greater things. If people would actually do some research on his accomplishments they will clearly find he is the best candidate for Mayor of Fort Wayne. I believe both Kelty and Peters are nice guys, however there is only one choice when it comes to directing an entire city to a brighter and more rewarding future; and that choice is Nelson Peters.

On a side note: "Angry White Boy", you seem to have a deep-seeded resentment for country club members. With all due respect, and I'm not a member of any country club, that chip on your shoulder sticks out like Rush Limbaugh at a Hilary Clinton rally. Sheesh, and double sheesh!

Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

obviously the term "country club republican" is lost on a few people. If you dont know what the term means then there is a pretty good chance you are one.

Angry White Boy said...

I'm posting here without the benefit of "anonymous said..."

If you want to challenge my statements I'd suggest doing the same if you expect a response.

One exception: To the last "Anon" poster. No I do not have a deep-seated anything against the Sycamore Hills republicans, I hang out with a few of them from time-to-time.

However, as another poster commented it's high time we got rid of the political nepotism and cronyism that runs this town. It's the reason downtown has gotten to the point of being the ghost town it now is, among other things.

I'm just ready for a change - and quite frankly I'm tired of the Talarico's shoving this crap down our throats.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be sick of everything around here. Why don't you move and take your sourness with you?

AngryWhiteGirl said...

There, I’m no longer posting under the “anon” title, happy now?

Political nepotism and cronyism? Are you kidding me? What are you referring to? Is this a blanket statement that you’re regurgitating from other misanthropes of your ilk?

Nelson Peters has more qualifications for this position than anyone I can think of. I reiterate, Kelty is a nice guy, but it takes more than a pleasant disposition to run a city. What are Kelty’s qualifications? He owns a business, is that it? So do a lot of other people, but I certainly wouldn’t want them making decisions that directly affect my family or myself.

As for shoving crap, I took a poll, and you were the winner, hands down, of the crap-shoving tournament.

Have a pleasant Sunday, everyone.

Angry White Boy said...

Oh, now THAT'S original.

Anonymous said...

Don't know who you are Angry White Girl but I like you already.

Life is too short to be so miserable and cynical as one of the posters seems to portray. Perhaps personal problems cloud his judgment on issues- political issues in particular. Seems he isn't too happy with his life.

I truly wish him success and a happy life.

Anonymous said...


If only awb had half your intelligence. He spouts off about things he knows nothing about. Too lazy to look at the facts about who these candidates really are and what they stand for. Kelty is very idealistic, Peters is very practicle. Kelty surrounds himself with teenagers while Peters has real support. Anonymous had it right. AWB should move somewhere else.

Angry White Boy said...


You should follow FWOb's lead and not allow anonymous posters to comment. It only cheapens your Blog.

They want to comment yet don't feel enough conviction to have their name associated with their opinions? This only allows the commenter who posts anonymously to remain in their fantasy world where it's okay to be self-righteous.

Then again, maybe these pompous individuals have nothing to standup for.

Anonymous said...

Were you christened angry white boy or were you given a name? Actually, you're not worth arguing with. Good-bye

LP Mike Sylvester said...


I tend to agree with you about "Anon" commenters.

After tax season I am going to create a new blog and I had already decided to NOT allow anonymous commenters...

This blog is going to be used by the Allen County LP and I am not sure what their policy will be...

Mike Sylvester

Angry White Boy said...

Anon, are you living under a rock? You can see my name by going to my Blog.


ROACH said...

NELSON PETERS WANTS TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY. His Campaign HQ is in the Helmke Law office. Paul Helmke is chair of the "Brady Bunch for Gun Confiscation".
The Mayors police chief approves firearms CCw permits. Or denies them. with a lot of leeway.
I want a Mayor who will respect the 2nd amendment as in individual right, and will appoint a Police chief who will uphold the constitution.
Matt Kelty has years of experience working for Senators Lugar and Coats, and our veterans needing assistance from the federal govt. for the benefits they earned protecting and defending the constitution against all enemies- foreign AND DOMESTIC.
I have pestered the County comissioners for years to give our allen county Veterans affairs officer- Navy Veteran George Jarboe - a larger office, and budget, and more outreach resources. years later- an election year- he has finally gotten a bigger office. Thanks roach!.

So If I had a dog in this fight, Kelty would be my choice.
but I'm registered as a democrat, so i'm abstaining until Nov.
By the way- AWB's comment was much needed comic relief. giggle!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Roach,

Doesn't it bother you that your the biggest joke in town? Everything you say is utterly stupid. So shut up if you can't improve the silence!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Roach,

Your endorsement of Matt Kelty just did him a great disservice.

Anonymous said...

Roach (how appropriate),

You may have pestered the county commissioners "for years" for a larger office for George Jarboe, Veteran's Affairs Service Officer, but Nelson Peters, in his short service so far as county commissioner, is the one that was instrumental in getting George Jarboe a larger, more accessible office for the veterans. Ask George how he feels about Nelson Peters.

Guns? I have not heard Nelson Peters say anything about guns.
Are you delusional, making things up or have I missed something?

Anonymous said...

Roach and Angry Boy flew in on the same spaceship.

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