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Harrison Square, for or against?

I am curious about what the regular readers of this blog think about the Harrison Square Project. Rather then start another poll I would ask that EVERYONE who reads this post and has an opinion about Harrison Square PLEASE post ONE comment to this post and tell us what you think about Harrison Square.

I would ask that your comment consist of three parts:

1. Please tell us if you are CURRENTLY:
In favor of the Harrison Square project
Against the Harrison Square Project
Not Sure

2. The SHORT version of why you feel the way you do.

3. Please sign the post with your real name or an alias if you do not want anyone to know how
you feel.

Mike Sylvester


LP Mike Sylvester said...

I am currently against the Harrison Square project.

I have several reasons:

1. I do not think that the Government should subsidize a 3rd Downtown Hotel when the overall occupancy rate of hotels in Fort Wayne is BELOW 50% and new hotels are going to be built on the north side of Fort Wayne.

2. I do not think that we should close a baseball stadium that is almost paid for in order to build a fancier one Downtown. I like the current stadium and location just fine.

3. The financing for the project is not finalized and the project is really just in the planning stages. The Project is no where near being ready for a vote by our City Council.

4. I think that the Parking Garage is going to be a "sink-hole" and lose money.

Mike Sylvester

Anonymous said...

I am currently against the Harrison Square project.

I think that the intentions are good but a baseball stadium is not the right way to go about revitalizing our downtown. There are many other ways to help the area that would be more successful. We already have a baseball stadium that is in fine condition and until the Wizards can begin to sell out their games I don't feel they deserve something better.

To summarize, there are much better ways of helping this town and drawing in money.

- Kody Tinnel

ChadGramling said...

I am FOR the Harrison Square project.

I too have several reasons:

1. This project is more than a baseball park. It will be a catalyst to encourage more development and community interaction that goes beyond residents of Allen County. I have little reason to EVER go downtown as it currently exists. However, if there were destination spots for my family to enjoy a wonderful afternoon or evening that wont require us to drive for two hours and then spend excessively once we get there, I would go downtown many times a year.

2. Civic Pride. When Tony Dungy said “Fort Wayne” on national television, all of northeast Indiana puffed out their chests a little. Finally, someone acknowledged that we exist. Harrison Square is wonderful concept that we all should embrace, encourage and support.

3. Parking. I still do not know how parking can lose money unless spots are given away at all times. The downtown area could only benefit from having more parking available.

4. Opportunity. I don’t recall “closing” Memorial Stadium to have ever been largely considered. There are many opportunities to keep it relevant. Heck, if I had enough capital, I would petition National Pro Fastpitch for an expansion franchise. How great would that be to bring a major league level team with a national television agreement back to Fort Wayne? Guess where I would hope to locate it? That's right: Memorial Stadium.

5. Baseball. Please let it be noted that I placed this one last. I make no secret that I am a big fan of baseball. Fort Wayne has a unique baseball heritage that dates back to the very first professional baseball game in 1871. Since then, the sport has continued to exist in Fort Wayne on many different levels. While Memorial Stadium is “adequate” a newer park in an area that is conducive to other developments; such as restaurants, specialty shops, convention centers, etc. would again bring new opportunities. For instance, despite the wonderful job that the Wizards do, Memorial Stadium will likely never host any All-Star Game. Harrison Square would certainly be capable of doing so. This summer, I will go to Kane County to watch that event. It would be much better for our community if folks from Kane County would come to the Summit City to stay in our hotels, eat at our restaurants, shop at our stores and, oh yeah, watch baseball in our park!

Scott Greider said...

1. In favor - BIG time!

2. See previous comments, here and elsewhere

3. Scott Greider (and why would I not want anyone to know?!)

Mike: confirmed for the 15th. :-)

brian said...

1. Full support of the project as it has been presented thus far.

2. I don't see how you could have a strong negative opinion without knowing necessary details that could potentially bring the project down. I am optimistic that a catalyst project such as this is a great opportunity for Fort Wayne- especially if this creative financing format is successful.

Parson said...

I am against it.

I don't think baseball is that big of a deal anymore. A nice shiny stadium would be nice, but after a year or so no one will care that much. The hotel isn't needed at all, that's just a total waste.

Scott Barnes said...

I am against the Harrison Square project and a fairly recent member to the Libertarian Party. I have a few reasons why...

1. Why do our city leaders feel its ok to lack a sound financial plan to pay for this project? More importantly, why do they feel they shouldn't have to disclose it with enough time for open public debate?
This just proves the total fiscal Irresponsibility of the modern day Republicans and government in general. They don't care because it's not their money being spent. It's our money and I am tired of watching it being carelessly tossed around.

2. The people who don't go downtown do so for a simple reason. They choose not to. For many who live on the North end of town (Dupont Rd) or the South end (Aboite) there is nothing downtown offers that can't be found closer to home. A new baseball stadium is not going to change any of that.

scott said...

1. In favor of the Harrison Square project

2. The Harrison Square proposal represents a real opportunity to bring private investment downtown and to prove to "the free market" that it is both possible and lucrative to do so. Otherwise we'll continue to get more sprawl and strip malls, because that's the status quo and established line of thinking.

Tim Zank said...

1. Not Sure

2. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I make it to a couple Wizards games each year and the stadium is more than nice. It's also never full. If the bet is, the new baseball stadium is the catalyst for all things grand and glorious downtown again, I'd bet against it.
I mean, if your going to bankrupt your city, why not put in a multi-use facility? Whatever it is you build, it's going to cost you a fortune and will be there forever so you might want to be damn sure what will work first.

David Corcoran said...

I am for Harrison Square. Similar projects have worked in other cities. Mabye learn the history of baseball in Fort Wayne. Take a risk for once - search no further for a silver bullet - there is none.

If you are against Harrison Square formulate a real plan that holds the weight of the Harrison Square project instead of blathering about how you would like to see another ice rink or a youth complex. Have some substance in your alternative and don't bother with sheer antagonism (plenty of you already exist in Ft Wayne). Everyone has ideas - turn it into something for once.

Anonymous said...


Given what I know right now, I am for Harrison Square. I know this probably will not surprise you.

Sam T.

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