Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Allen County Libertarians running for City Council

For Immediate Release:
March 20, 2007

The Libertarian Party of Allen County has nominated two candidates for City Council in Fort Wayne. Byron Peters and Michael Brightbill will be running for seats on the City Council in the November election.

Byron Peters is a local business owner and community volunteer. He and his wife reside with their children in the 1st District. Byron will be running for the 1st City Council District.

Michael Brightbill is a local resident who is studying at IPFW. He will be running for an At-Large seat on the Fort Wayne City Council.

Further candidates may be announced, as well.


Anonymous said...


Given the smoking ordinance and Harrison Square, how do you guage these candidates' chances?

Also, are you going to nominate two more at large candidates for the chance of 3 Libertarian Councilmen?

brian said...


When was the last time that a libertarian candidate held office in Fort Wayne/Allen county. I do not mean to disrespect anyone in the libertarian party, I simply have not heard of one before.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


I am not sure how many more Libertarians will deicde to run for office this year, it is hard to say. The LPAC still have a couple of months to nominate candidates.

I personally know of four additional people who are considering a run for office in 2007.


I do not think you question is dis-respectful at all.

I do not think there has ever been a person who has held elected office as a Libertarian in Allen County.

We sure need some...

Mike Sylvester

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