Thursday, March 15, 2007

Libertarians on Public Access TONIGHT

Please tune in to Cable Cahnnel 57 tonight from 7 PM - 8 PM. The number to call in with questions is 422-3902.

Doug Horner will have Robert Enders as his guest.

They will be discussing the Harrison Square Project among other things.

Please take the time to watch the show and call in and provide your input on Hharrison Square...

Mike Sylvester


Anonymous said...


In an ultimate showing of open mindedness I decided I would watch the "libertarian" show on Harrison Square tonight.

I heard discussion of:

1. Potato wedges with cheese
2. The idea of spending up to $2,000,000 on a memorial for the blizzard and/or flood
3. Bob Evans breakfast
4. I know now that Bob Enders weighs 220 pounds (although it doesnt look like it. he holds it well)
5. The other guy has lost 75 pounds (and I give him huge credit for that because I have a weight problem)
6. I heard Bob Enders say that we should have a restaurant where we are putting Harrison Square (this would be a huge unique draw)
7. Bob's new house
8. The other guy gave a summary of proper sandbagging technique and the theory behind sandbagging.
9. Groceries store ice cream sections. Other guy apparently likes pecan pie with vanilla (french vanilla) ice cream. Bob Ender, however gave a summary of other vanilla categories which was enlightening
10. Bob said that cigarette taxes actually cause him to smoke in order to stick it to the government

However, not much on Harrison Square. Any way I can get that hour back?

Sam T.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


I did not see the show so I cannot comment...

I instead spent part of the night at the Northwest Partnership meeting and talked to many of your consituents... I will post about it...

You MIGHT be surprised by the reslts of the straw poll...


Robert Enders said...

Thank you for the compliment on my physique, but you should know that the table hid my spare tire. We did talk about Harrison Square early in the program. We said somethings that have already been said on this blog and my blogs. Doug said that we should be more concerned with the unfunded liability in the firefighters and police pension fund. I said that Harrison Square was a luxury while the pensions are a nesessity.

If we had spent the entire hour talking about Harrison Square, it would not have made for good television. Economic discussions tend to make people change the channel. Newspapers and the Internet are better suited media for such a topic. If you had any particular questions or comments, you should have called.

Jeff Pruitt said...

I called in and commented on Harrison Square for a couple of minutes at about the 20 minute mark.

I will say this wasn't the best show you guys have done as the discussion did wander off topic more than usual.

But I imagine live call-in shows are not easy to do...

Zachary said...


Although I disagree with the majority of what you argue on this site, I find myself intrigued with how it is phrased and the perspective in which it is framed. I think, albeit against some of my opinions, you raise some really valid points – which is why I try to check your blog when I can. With that, and knowing your involvement in the Libertarian Party, I came across the show last night by accident. I have to say, it lacked that certain “Sylvester Quality”, focusing more on sandbags and weight loss than political issues. I was disappointed not to learn more about the group’s collective viewpoints through the issues they somewhat hinted upon, and found myself frustrated that I now know that vanilla ice cream has its own section at the local grocery store. I watched the show in its entirety, and still know nothing more about your party than I did before. The consistent comment for every issue was that “we” should spend less money, if that’s the case my mother is Libertarian – and this whole time I thought she was just cheap ;)

I was willing to learn more – just not about ice cream. Will you be a guest in the future?


Robert Enders said...

Live call-in shows are not easy to do when nobody calls in. It's public access. Nobody watches on a regular basis, so we find ourselves chatting about nothing to avoid dead air.

TV is primarily an entertainment medium. We are trying to get the attention of people who need audiovisual stimulation, those who do not read the newspaper and don't have Internet access. We have to compete with "That 70's Show" reruns. If you really want to learn more about the party, the movement, and the ideology go to

Doug H. Sec, Lib Pty AC said...

To All,

There have been some insightful comments made about Thursday, March 15th's live call in show. Most have been accurate.

To refresh everyone's memory I opened the show with an apology that I wasn't at my best. I had some sort of cold or flu and HAD this shoot been taped I would have canceled. Since it was live I medicated myself that day with three (3) servings a Theraflu, one Dose of Robatusin before the shoot, one antihistimine spray, and I even broke my low carb diet by accepting a cough drop containing 3 grams of sugar before the program started.

I threw on clothes that I hoped would meet minimum standards (no tie included) and went to the library.

I do believe we discussed the Harrison Square project for about 20 minutes at the beginning of the program. After that we did come back to it from time to time.

We had several callers and I want to thank everyone for calling in and contributing. I know Jeff called in and brought up some of his concerns.

It is indeed unfortunate that when I am the host and sick I don't have a stand-in. This has illustrated the need for a backup plan and I will try to work to correct that inefficiency.

I believe most of my shows do an adequate job. I am not a television host by either training or trade and thus do the best I can. Last Thursdays was NOT my best work.

Robert did a fine job of filling and and carrying me as best he could.

Our next live shoot will be the third Thursday of April. That is April 19th from 7P - 8P. If anyone has any questions then please feel free to call in and catch me on what will hopefully be a better day.


Doug Horner
Secretary, LPAC (Aka The Other Guy)

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