Friday, March 23, 2007

Democrats break campaign promise in House

I voted for more Democrats last November then I have ever voted for before...

I did this because The Republicans showed:
A willingness to increase domestic spending on everything.
A lack of accountability.
A lack of overall competence.
A willingness to increase pork barrel spending and earmarks.
That they were as corrupt as the Democrats they replaced.
A lack of willingness to allow the Democrats to participate by using legislative "tricks."
A lack of work ethic, Congress worked very little.

The Democrats made a lot of campaign promises that were important to me, these include:
We will show fiscal responsibility.
We will provide Congressional oversight.
We will control pork barrel spending and earmarks.
We will allow the minority to participate.
We will work harder.

Well, so far, the Democrats have showed that their Campaign promises were 100% worthless and were lies. They have embarrassed themselves to date.

I have held off writing this post because I kept thinking the Democrats would get their act together. That has not been the case.

President Bush asked Congress for a 105 billion dollar emergency spending bill to fund the "war on terror." This bill was far too large as proposed and would end up being fiscally irresponsible...

Today the Dems in Congress approved an Emergency war will that includes 125 billion in spending. They gave Bush what he wanted and then stuffed the bill full of 20 billion in non-emergency spending including:
3 million for funding a special court in Sierra Leone
239 million for Eastern Europe
125 million in asbestos abatement's
74 million for peanut storage
75 million for spinach farmers
100 million for citrus farmers

It is reported that this emergency war funding bill includes:
3.7 billion in farm subsidies
2.9 billion in hurricane relief
2.4 billion in social programs
.5 billion in wildfire suppression

It is a humiliating day to be a Democrat in America.

President Bush promised to veto this pork-laden monstrosity. I thought President Bush sounded very good today. Heck, if you would have made speeches like he made today over the last six years the Republicans would still be in power...

Jeff Pruitt must be very disappointed in the Democrats, I know I am.

Mike Sylvester


Kat Coble said...

You know, it's kind of a shame that the Libertarian Party is a good 28 years out from posing meaningful, electable candidates.

There are so many of us who are forced to pick from two equally-poor options.

Take heart, though, that the open discussions taking place now just like the one you've got here are planting the seed for an effective Libertarian Party in the future.

The more vocal we are about how badly we've been misrepresented to and by the elected from both major parties, the more of a demand we create for viable alternatives.

Anonymous said...

and that is why Libertarians will never win anything

LP Mike Sylvester said...


Your comment makes little sense...

Are you saying that Libertarians cannot win because they will not lie?

Mike Sylvester

Robert Enders said...

I'll give Phil GiaQuinta credit for voting against the cigarette tax. When I was running against him last year, I would go knocking on doors and as often as not, someone holding a lit cigarette would answer the door. Voters will always be more concerned about issues that affect them directly, so I would mention that the governor wanted to raise the cigarette tax and that I would oppose the effort to raise the tax. So I was very pleased and suprised to find out that GiaQuinta took the same stance. He is probably taking flak from his own party for that, but I think that it is admirable that he really is representing his constituents on this issue.

Robert Enders said...

I'll concede that we are a long ways away from electing a Libertarian president. Still, Libertarians have been elected to city and town councils. If anything, we can win when the other two parties totally drop the ball.

Anonymous said...

It is really unfortunate how the leadership of this country keeps switching back and forth between two groups of people that either just want to help themselves or just don't care enough to do their jobs properly.

It is too bad that more Americans don't realize that with a little hard work we can make our government change to be more productive and beneficial to our lives. We shouldn't have to put up with the minimal choices that we are granted for our public servants.

And Robert, as you have probably noticed by this post I have created a blogger account and would be happy to contribute to the Summit City Libertarians.

Robert Enders said...

Send me an email. I need your email addy to invite you to the blog.

Jeff Pruitt said...


There are things I am disappointed As you know I don't support the earmarks and I would've hoped they could pass the bill without them. Unfortunately, some of this garbage was needed to pass the bill. I think the best way to stop this is to make it fully transparent who is requesting the earmarks and hold those people accountable.

It certainly was a bittersweet vote as I fully support the bill's intention but I am disappointed in what it took to pass it...

Anonymous said...

Mike, I agree with you and President Bush.

Stay the has worked so well in the past.

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Anonymous said...

"Mike, I agree with you and President Bush.

Stay the has worked so well in the past."

Anonymous you are embarassing yourself. Read the post. It in noy way discusses Iraq...

It is poeple like you that are keeping the wrong poeple in power...

Mike Sylvester

John Good said...

Mike - Jeff is correct: There are things I am disappointed As you know I don't support the earmarks and I would've hoped they could pass the bill without them.

Unfortunately, w/o a strong majority, things have to played out in certain ways to get through the process. You play the game with the cards that you have, wrong or right.

On the other hand, Pelosi has handed Bush everything he requested for his "one last chance" AND fully supported funding for our troops.

Let Bush veto this one. . .

Anonymous said...

Compromise is the name of the game.

This bill is the only one that had the votes.

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