Monday, March 12, 2007

I am posting a new poll, what political persuasion is Mike Sylvester?

I have a lot of different views on various topics. My views have changed over the years (Especially when I got married and when I became a father).

Here are some of my views, in no particular order:

1. I think the Government is far too large and involved in too many things.

2. I think that property rights are critical and that our government is taking them away. I oppose most uses of Eminent Domain and silly infringements like "Smoking Bans" on private property.

3. I think the United States should maintain the most powerful military in the world.

4. I think that the tax code needs to be simplified.

5. I think that Social Security needs to be fixed today; it is on an unsustainable course.

6. I think that we spend too much money on "entitlement programs" and that "entitlement programs" do not actually help the poor in the long run.

7. I think that Medicare needs to be fixed today; it is on an unsustainable course.

8. I think that the Federal Department of Education should be 100% abolished. Each of the fifty States should handle their own Education system and the Federal government should no longer be involved in our Education system at all.

9. I think that more States should legalize gambling. Gambling is just "entertainment." Americans spend too much money on golf, fancy cars, food, houses, their pets, etc... I see no difference.

10. I think prostitution should be legal as long as the parties are at least 18 years old and consenting. I think that consenting adults should do what they wish and the government should but out.

11. I do not do drugs. I do not like illegal drugs. That being said, the war on drugs has 100% failed. We either need to REALLY have a war on drugs or we need to make some of them legal. My preference is that the Federal Government get out of the drug war and let each of the fifty states pass their own laws regarding drugs. I would be in favor of legalizing mj...

12. I think that the government should stop giving out hundreds of million dollars in foreign aid. If I want to give money to a foreign government then I will give it to them myself...

13. I think that Roe v Wade should be overturned. The Federal government needs to not be involved in regulating abortion. Each of the fifty states should pass their own laws regarding abortion. If it were up to each State then I would be in favor of living in a State that outlawed abortion as long as their were reasonable exceptions...

14. I no longer believe in Free Trade as defined by Reps and Dems. I am more in favor of Fair Trade...

15. As a law abiding citizen I should be allowed to carry a concealed handgun and maintain whatever weapons I wish on my property. I should also be held responsible for securing those weapons from casual theft and use by others...

16. I do not believe that women should ever be allowed to serve on nuclear submarines (I was stationed on one for four years). I would change my mind if a submarine were crewed by ALL WOMEN.

17. I do not believe in quotas or affirmative action. The most qualified person should be hired regardless of sex, race, etc. This has gotten way out of hand. White males are the most discriminated against group in this country.

18. I believe that women who are fire fighters, police officers, etc should have to pass the EXACT same physical tests as men.

19. I believe that all levels of Government should be forced to abolish at least half of the rules that they have established.

20. I believe that the government needs to stop trying to legislate morality...

Please do two things.

Please vote in the poll I just posted regarding my political affiliation. You may vote once per day...

Please post a comment and tell me how many of the 20 items you agree with me on!

My guess is that Tim Zank and Andrew Kaduk will both agree with me on MOST of the 20 items...

My guess is that true liberals will agree with me on VERY few items.

Mike Sylvester


David Corcoran said...

Mike. I agree with 15 / 20 of your opinions posted. Next time we get together ... I'll be curious if you can guess which ones we disagree on .....

Jeff Pruitt said...

12.5 out of 20 for me as written.

However, I think there's some common ground for at least 5 or 6 more although I don't quite agree w/ them as written...

Tim Zank said...

Mike, over the last year, you've turned my thinking around on #8..I agree the Feds need to be out of education...
#14 I gotta think about (lot's of ramifications)
#16 I'll defer to your experience so I guess that puts me as ok with 19 out of 20.

B.G. (Semper Paratus) said...


I agree on 18 of 20 items....and I consider myself on of those "middle-of-the-roaders".

Some observations...

re: #10 - all well and good AS LONG AS the gov't could reap some TAX MONEY (sin tax?) from the prostitutes.

re:#11 - drugs (like alcohol) affect different folks...well, differently (some are OK with it, others become homicidal or even more "stoopid"), and trying to legislate that is simply not feasible (imho)...but defoliating Colombia would be a nice start on any type of "war" on drugs.

re:#15 - I'd favor an OPEN-carry myself. Hell, I do that now ON my property...let 'em see it...and just TRY to bitch about that. MY castle...MY right.

re:#17 - Benny Goodman hired black musicians because they were the BEST people for the job...ahead of his time, yes?

re: #18 - Agreed, as long as the testing isn't "dumbed down" to succumb to feminine pressure.

re:#19 - ONLY HALF? 80% of the rules are there to support the first 50% OF those rules...LOL!

re:#20 - You can't legislate morality...but how about some ETHICS? Or CIVILITY? Or RESPECT?

*2 cents worth*

Go Get 'em, Mike!



Guess I found my party, huh?

Mike Kole said...

17.5 out of 20 for me, although like Jeff, I think that if we found different words or talked about them, we'd probably be on course for 19.

You'll have to sell me on the excluding women from submarines bit. Obviously you have first hand experience, and that counts for a lot. I imagine your concern is with maintaining discipline.

The way I see it, though, when you station anyone together in close quarters, tensions will build. Anywhere I was in close quarters with just men, the tension was relieved with fights. That's a breakdown of discipline and readiness just as surely as a little romp in the bunks is.

I think like anything else, some people are capable of maintaining discipline, and others are either incapable or unwilling. And some leaders are incapable or unwilling to instill this discipline in their charges.

Anyhow, I'd like to gain your insights, having served on the submarines and all.

Anonymous said...

16 out of 20

And what is your definition of a true liberal?

I think of true liberals as a classical liberals, not the soft, lazy, good-for-nothing people that are considered liberals these days. I think that Limbaugh and O'Reilly have done too good a job at making the term liberal into a bad thing.

- Kody T

Jane said...

Interesting. Total agreement on 18 items. On #10 I know, logically, that making it illegal has done no good, but I still have huge problems with the whole idea of prostitution. (When it comes down to it, I probably agree with you.)

As far as free vs. fair trade, I admit that this is an area I don't know as much about as I would like.

LP Mike Sylvester said...


I am a bit surprised that we agree on 15. I would have thought 12 or 13...


I am surprised that we do not agree on more...


We do think a lot alike... Except on Iraq and except that you think there is still hope for the Republican Party...


I am not surprised that we are so similar on these items after reading your posts on the blogosphere...

I WOULD tax prostitution and I would regulate it...

Mike Kole:

Women just do NOT belong on submarines... Even my wife is 100% with me on this one since she rode on my submarine when we were dating.

You sleep within 2 feet of other people. You all change clothes in the same hallway. There is no privacy. There are only three bathrooms on the entire boat...

Ther entire submarine would have to be redesigned and that would be very expensive.

I would be ok with women if the boat had ALL WOMEN...


I am a little surprised that you and I agree on so many. I am not sure what I think a true liberal is...

I would classify John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Al Gore, and Obama as liberals...

I am SHOCKED that several people think I should be a Democrat based on the 20 opinions I listed... If there were more Democrats like Jeff Pruitt then I MIGHT be able to consider myself a Democrat...


I USED to be in favor of Free Trade. I have been to about 20 foreign countries and a couple of US territories... I have been to several Third World Countries. I have helped move American jobs to BOTH China and Mexico...

I think that we have to impose tarriffs on Countries like China UNLESS China lets their currency float free of the US dollar...

I also have a problem with prostitution in many ways. I do not think it is a smart or healthy lifestyle; however, I just do not think it is my right to tell adults what they should and should not do.

I would rather the police focus their efforts on violent criminals and those who actually harm other people...

I would like to thanks everyone for their response...

Mike Sylvester

Debbie said...

So it's possible to "fix" social security and medicare, but you want to abolish the Federal DOE? Why? Can't you just fix it too? If you are confident enough to say abolish the doe, then why not these programs as well?

I laughed at your choice of words for what the government should do as to the prostitution issue. :0

Andrew Kaduk said...

Here goes...

1. Aye
2. Aye
3. Aye
4. Aye
5. If by fixed you mean disassembled, then Aye!
6. Aye
7. See number 5
8. Aye
9. It would be great if more states DID legalize gambling, but who am I to tell them they should? Aye with restrictions.
10. 21 years old. Aye with restrictions.
11. Aye
12. Aye in favor of private investment with the government's blessing.
13. Aye
14. Explain your position...what is "Fair Trade" to Mike Sylvester?
15. Aye
16. Abstain (no frame of reference)
17. Aye for the first half, but the "white male discrimination" bit is a little much...I certainly wouldn't want to trade my meat-suit for that of an Iranian man in the U.S. these days...although admittedly, I wouldn't mind finding out that I have some fraction of Native American blood in my lineage...
19. By whom?

There you have it. Sorry for taking all of the guessing out...

Kat Coble said...

Okay. Just read through all of these.

We agree on everything except the nuclear submarine thing.

On that I have no opinion as I know jack about nuclear submarines other than that I am claustrophobic and couldn't go near one.

I happily call myself a libertarian, and I'd call you the same thing if the poll was still up.

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