Saturday, March 17, 2007

Oak View Carnival

Last night we went to our first "Carnival" with our kids.

Our daughter, Kayla, is in Kindergarten... Our son Graydon is four, so he has a couple of years to wait.

My daughter goes to Oak View. Oak View is an Elementary School in NACS.

Oak View is a small school and I really like Oak View.

Oak View has a great staff and a dedicated PTO.

In the Fall of this year I volunteered every other week in Kayla's Kindergarten class. There are 18 students in Kayla's class. My wife volunteered every other week both Spring and Fall.

Both Spring and Fall there have been 5 parents PER WEEK who volunteer to spend a couple of hours in the classroom. So many volunteered that each parent just goes EVERY OTHER WEEK.

I often hear that there is a lack of people who volunteer to help out in the schools.


The number of people who volunteer in the Oak View PTO is also highly encouraging.

Last night the Oak View PTO held its annual "Carnival."

We had a great time. Our kids played games for a couple of hours and we had dinner at the school. There was large bake sale and each class created a basket that was auctioned off in a silent auction...

It was a GREAT event and my family had a wonderful time...

Mike Sylvester

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Tim Zank said...

Mike, your Friday night sounded just like mine! It was "Around The World" last night at my daughters elementary school family fun night.
She's a 5th grader this year, so alas, my last elementary school fun night!
We had the kids going to different countrys and getting a passport stamped after assembling crafts from different cultures.
We had an enormous turnout, as we have a really supportive and active PTO also. I know I hear a lot about schools where parents never get involved, but it's not the case at MSD Steuben. I'm very proud of our school system and our level of participation. It's fun helping out!
More parents should do it!!!

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