Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Public Access TV, Thursday night

To All,

Please tune in to Cable Chanel 57 on Thursday from 7P – 8P.

The guest will be Kyle McDonald, the new Executive Director of the LPIN.

We will be happy to discuss anything of interest to you.

The phone number is 422 – 3902.

I’d LOVE to go off on a rant about the bullcrap NO SMOKING ban. I really would.


Doug Horner
Secretary, Libertarian Party of Allen County
(260) 704 - 4698


Anonymous said...

Wait??? Aren't you guys against public access television? Another big government program? Being a little hypocritical, eh?

When are you guys coming out against the new downtown stadium?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

Anonymous said:

There are some Libertarians who are against Public Access TV. The truth of the matter is the Government FORCES me to pay for it so I use it. It is NOT complicated...

I myself think we should get the government out of K-12 education. I am forced to pay for public schools so I will send my kids to them.

We live in a Democracy and I use programs that I am forced to fund against my will.

I am against building a new stadium downtown. I am speaking only for myself and not all Libertarians...

Mike Sylvester

Jeff Pruitt said...

The government does not use 1 penny of your tax dollars to pay for local access television.

It's fully funded by fees charged to the cable companies for their access to public lands...

bobett said...

Actually, PBS is underwritten by several sources including taxes.
We pay for PBS directly or indirectly

Who funds public television?
In FY2000, public broadcasting's revenue totaled $2.2 billion. Two-thirds is from private sources such as businesses and memberships and foundations.

25.6% Membership $564,864,000
17.0% Business $373,506,000
14.6% State Governments $322,002,000
2.7% Local Governments $59,834,000
13.6% CPB Appropriation $300,000,000
1.9% Other Federal Grants & Contracts $42,358,000
8.0% State Colleges/Universities $175,811,000
5.6% Foundations $123,001,000
0.9% Other Public Colleges $19,450,000
7.9% Miscellaneous $174,577,000
0.7% Auction $15,213,000
100% Total $2,202,941,000

...from the Association of Public
Television Stations

Jeff Pruitt said...

Local access television is NOT PBS...

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