Monday, December 11, 2006

A "must read" article

Fred McCarthy operates an Indianapolis blog called "Indy Tax Dollars."

His most recent post is entitled "Why not." This article is a must read for everyone who reads this blog.

Fred has an interesting idea. He thinks we should "privatize" the Indianpolis Colts and the Indiana Pacers...

What a revolutionary thought...

Let me know what you think:


Mike Sylvester


Tim Zank said...

That is an absolutely great read! Common sense is hard to argue with too.

As much as I love having the Colts & the Pacers as Indiana icons I can always live without them, I have never been a "fan" of subsidized stadiums.

Once again...Please stop spending my money on stupid s*&#.

Robert Enders said...

If they can afford to pay players millions of dollars, they can afford to pay for a new stadium.

Anonymous said...

How can this concept be so hard for people to understand??

bobett said...


It would be great if, "the golden rule" encompassed learning what not to do. Novel idea.

I always thought you learn from others mistakes and not to
build from those mistakes.

Fort Wayne could learn that from Indy and many anytown's in the USA.

Anonymous said...

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